A middle-aged couple has a drifter enter their lives. The fish-store owners find that the mysterious young man awakens the couple in ways they didn't expect. Things get tense when the drifter begins an affair with the woman of the house.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Caught 1996 full movies, Caught torrents movie

Joe and Betty run a fish market and have sunk into a comfortable, if somewhat boring life. Enter the drifter Nick, who takes a job in the store and a place in their home. He proceeds to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason H (ca) wrote: Too bad LA was destroyed.

Luba S (es) wrote: Light, witty, charming comedy.

Frank J (au) wrote: J'aimerais bien me mentir et affirmer que ce dessin-anim d'tomo tait de la force de Miyazaki. J'aimerais bien, mais je ne peux pas. Tout simplement parce que ce ne l'tait pas. Pourtant, ce fut trs agrable regarder, mais le facteur luminosit et couleur joue pour beaucoup dans l'apprciation. C'est--dire que, contrairement un Miyazaki color et vivant, l'histoire est toujours sombre et laborieuse, et on s'y confond parfois. Nanmoins, le scnario est trs bien ficel et ce fut trs agrable regarder, bien que ce ne soit pas vraiment un film pour enfants... Vivement Akira.

Jonas B (kr) wrote: Very disappointing. Marred by poor acting and a farce-like portrayal of the inmates and their summercamp-like penitentiary, the brutality of the final fails to make an impact. It kind of felt like watching Vice magazine as a movie.

Eric F (au) wrote: In 1986, Claude Jutra's body was found in the St. Lawrence River. Jutra had been diagnosed with the early stages of Alzheimer's, and his death is expected to have been a suicide. Now, I hate to start off on such a dour note, but it's hard to ignore the immense amount of lost potential from the extraordinarily talented director. "Mon Oncle Antoine" is considered his masterpiece, and it is so beloved, in fact, that it is often hailed the greatest film to ever come out of Canada. We should mourn the death of the creative talent, but meanwhile recognize that he left a legacy so profound (with only five films to his name) that he's continued to garner extraordinary levels of recognition over twenty years after his death.The film is a sort of slice-of-life picture that takes place in an asbestos mining town in Quebec sometime during the early 1940's. It's a humble working class town with miners unrightfully taken advantage of by the American mine owners. This critique is covered in the very beginning minutes of the film in order to establish a setting, but from there the film goes from something more personal than political.Benoit (Jacques Gagnon) is the wide-eyed orphan that takes center stage. He's 15-years-old and lives with his Uncle Antoine (Jean Duceppe) and Aunt Cecile (Olivette Thibault). The family owns a general store in town, and Uncle Antoine also works as the town's undertaker. Benoit, who serves as an assistant, begins to develop an attraction to Carmen (Lyne Champagne), a young girl who works at the store. It's not only Benoit who has his sights set on Carmen, however, as Fernand (Claude Jutra), another employee of the store, pursues her despite being twice her age.The main action of the film is a rather unforgettable sequence. On the night before Christmas, a boy not much older than Benoit dies in a nearby town. Antoine heads out to retrieve the body with Benoit. The journey is marvelously filmed - it's a surreal struggle against a blizzard in a completely enveloping white landscape.Something about "Mon Oncle Antoine" didn't quite work for me. The film feels very cold (no pun intended) and calculated, and I didn't develop any sort of connection with any of the people in town. The performances are good, but the film never seems to come alive. That being said, however, I was fascinated by the brilliant cinematography and direction, and was entertained throughout, albeit unattached.

Wu C (fr) wrote: My screenwriting teacher played this for us in class. I'm glad he did, cause it's a great coming of age story. See this one.

Alden W (fr) wrote: Estas aventuras del joven Lincoln tienen una estructura rara: la primera mitad cuenta los inicios del mega-prcer como si fuera un biopic, y la toda la segunda mitad es un juicio en que l es defensor de dos hermanos despus de un confuso episodio de pelea que termin con un muerto. Queda a medio camino de un biopic y de un thriller-de-juicio. No me pareci la obra maestra que decan que era, pero la pas bastante bien en el juicio: me re y me tension bastante. Henry Fonda humaniza y convence. Mi escena favorita es Lincoln disolviendo hericamente una turba iracunda a puro dilogo.

Linda B (kr) wrote: Was unsure what to expect with this film. Based on the songs of Belle and Sebastian, I found myself enjoying this quirky musical, despite its sometimes dark storyline. The soundtrack is brilliant, and has been masterfully recorded by the cast.

Bjorn O (it) wrote: Det r precis samma intrig som i ettan men i stllet fr en grizzly som attackerar r det en elak varg.Det r vinter och glada upptg blandas med problem och besvr.Buck Flowers roliga biroll Boomer har ftt mer plats i den hr ( visste du att han var med i de tv frsta Ilsafilmerna?). Ngon som har filmen Sea Gypsies s r jag vldigt intresserad av att kpa den.