Caution, Kids!

Caution, Kids!


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Silvestre S (mx) wrote: A well crafted and effectively scary reboot sequel that even though has some shallow characters and a lack originality it has some camera execution improvements and a hand full more scares that have staying power while its not a great horror film it offers an endless tension building and the feeling of danger.

Ollie W (jp) wrote: I'm not really sure why this has better reviews here than 'Shrek The Third'.For me, 'Shrek 2' was the peak of the film series, and 'Shrek The Third' was worse but still very fun and enjoyable.This film though is where I think it lost meaning. In general, the film doesn't really feel necessary as it doesn't continue Shrek's story, it just covers a blip in his life. It's rather what you expect in a TV Special.That isn't to say that this is a bad film. It has good qualities. However, I don't think it is very good. It's decent - enough to earn a 3 star ranking, which I don't like to do given that I've ranked the other 3 above 4 stars.

Deanna C (us) wrote: I'm not sure how to rate this. LIked the movie....would be interested in what my Movie Buffs group would discuss and dissect in this movie. Enjoyed it, but just didn't get some of the symbolism.

Greg W (kr) wrote: good crime caper pic

Sam B (ca) wrote: If all the pauses and scenes of people talking on the phone and moments of people just walking or driving somewhere while nothing particularly interesting was going on were edited out, you would have a fun and sadistic little short film on your hands of people simply bursting into flames.11.30.08117th Film of 2008

Sin S (us) wrote: It was awful. No, it was rubbish. A whole sense. I am so disappointed that they kill off Captain Kirk. He is our hero. Why the writers to decided kill off Kirk? I don't understand.

Tom H (au) wrote: boring film about english brats pretending to be pirates. i was expecting some kind of charming story but sadly i got a poorly directed mess of a film. some parts was amusing though.