Caution to the Wind

Caution to the Wind

A young guy from a village meets the singer of a group and discovers sex with her. The impact that produces you will enter into a psychiatric

A young guy from a village meets the singer of a group and discovers sex with her. The impact that produces you will enter into a psychiatric . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexander B (fr) wrote: Gone Girl, is a Mystery/Thriller that a lot of people will enjoy watching and has great performances from Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike!

Miguel G (ru) wrote: Excellent set design. Solid actors. Interesting (not "incoherent") editing. Yes, I suppose it was a little slow but to me that made it realistic. Overall, I enjoyed this movie a lot. I'm giving it an extra 1/2 a star because there aren't that many examples of realistic-but-fictional outer space movies that feel real. The Europa Report was a huge disappointment in this sub-genre. I don't understand why that movie has better ratings that this one. I think people just tend to rate movies like they see other people rating them.

Sarah H (ca) wrote: If you like the dance movies, you will like this one. It's okay, not really the same drama that goes on in the dance movies normally, but it was still okay.

Dan A (br) wrote: A balanced look at both sides of the abortion issue. Provided you are an intelligent, rational person, this film may force you to momentarily question your stance on this intensely debated topic.

Gabriel L (ca) wrote: This was a pretty fascinating movie. And as someone that thinks the idea of communal living would be very viable it was interesting to see how this group of people dealt with it. Thorough a lot of the movie I was thinking about how I would like to hear more of the nitty gritty of how they did things, and then realized that they were giving that. They were so fluid and "anything goes" in their approach that they really had no plan. One of the guys actually shares that they never bothered to ask each other why they were doing what they were doing, all going under the assumption that they were all there for the same reason. Good movie and a great look at communal living in the 60's.

SU S (mx) wrote: the best ganster movie there is

JAGT P (ag) wrote: Jesus Of Nazareth, probably the best/most accepted and most complete adaptation of Jesus in any media thanks to a big-quality production for a TV mini-series.

Alex C (mx) wrote: one of the most hilarious movies i've ever seen, and should've been the only gymnastics related movie ever made.

Allan C (de) wrote: For a film directed by a young Sam Raimi, co-written by the Coen Brothers, and featuring Bruce Campbell, you'd think it would have to be awesome. However, this film is more of just an interesting footnote. Raimi actually disowned the film due to producer meddling. It's visually exciting and resembles a live action version of a live action cartoon. I suppose this is mostly worth watching if you're a fan of Raimi and the Coens to see elements that would reemerge in later films (POV shots of flying objects, snappy Hudsucker Proxy dialogue, goofy sound design, etc...).

Yoshimoto N (jp) wrote: one of the best mizoguchi. long shot started from this one.

Michael M (br) wrote: I'm really amazed this movie got as much hype and following as it did. Maybe it's because we hadn't really seen something like this before? Like, this was before 21 Jump Street came and did basically the same sort of thing but a million times better. I'm not sure, whatever it is, I don't really get it. The movies harmless enough I guess. All the actors are good, there's a couple laughs to be had (mostly courtesy of Bill Murray) and it's got a goofy charm to it I guess. However it's also very dated and sometimes kind of obnoxious. I bought the three leads as friends, sure, but there girl-time felt a little over-the-top clich of female friendships. The action scenes are also not very good, using dated CGI and wire techniques that look pretty bad now. But I didn't hate the movie, and I don't really regret seeing it. It was moderately charming and a fun little distraction.

Peter L (es) wrote: My Rating: 3/5 stars; Grade: B-; Gesture: Thumbs Sideways; Status: Passable (Fresh); Emoticon: :-I.

Alicia N (kr) wrote: Don't want to see another lame ass film about so called Christian persecution

Keith P (mx) wrote: REPLI-CAN'T B A GOOD FILM - As seen on Telefutura, I knew I was watching something silly in between action scenes when I learned the plot was for the police to use a serial killer's clone find said serial killer. & even just the sight of the Millennium Films/ 777 pictures logo 2 start the movie had me cringe as I also suffered through "The Order." (But the studio redeems itself through "The Expendables" incidentally.) To summarize, watch the fighting scenes, & head to the kitchen or bathroom to avoid getting to know Torch's clone.