A traumatic event sends a musician (Sedgwick) back to her hometown in an effort to reunite with the daughters she abandoned. To do so, she must confront her abusive ex-husband (Quinn), from whom she fled years ago.

A traumatic event sends a musician (Sedgwick) back to her hometown in an effort to reunite with the daughters she abandoned. To do so, she must confront her abusive ex-husband (Quinn), from whom she fled years ago. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cavedweller torrent reviews

Michael Q (us) wrote: It was ok !! nothing great but a ok london punch up

Steve W (au) wrote: The worst paced movie of all time? Maybe. Marketed as a creepy ghost movie in the vein of Ringu, (same director) Kaidan is a disturbing drama with a few good creepy scenes, but most of it feels like it takes forever to get to the point.The main character is a nice guy, so nice that women want him. The daughter of a cursed man vows that if he ever marries after she dies, she'll come back to kill his loved ones. And she does. Many times. The whole movie is her screwing this guy over and over, and he never seems to be able to dodge a relationship. I hated the actor's face. He had these bug eyes and was not very sympathetic, since he went around screwing with any female in proximity.The pace is ultra slow, the first quarter being a love story to set up the curse, the rest is 90 minutes of tragedy with a ridiculous but entertaining fight scene at the end.A highly unsatisfying film all around, Ringu this is not.

Jordan L (es) wrote: Confused me until the end. I seriously didnt think much of it.

Stephen M (br) wrote: Blood and Black Lace is an influential and vibrant mystery slasher about a masked someone who kills fashion models, and its visuals inspired countless films including the works of Dario Argento. Despite how intriguing that last sentence might sound, this film is old and slow like most from its era. Unless you are a horror connoisseur or a fan of Italian Giallo films, this movie is most likely not for you.

Senor C (ru) wrote: Here's a interesting take on the Werewolf lore. A busty mute is raped by a beggar giving birth to the hairy bastard. Actually he's not so hairy when he comes out. It takes a while for him to realize he's a werewolf & doesn't go into full effect until he's an adult. Oliver Reed is a bit melodramatic in the role but that's fine. If you're able to swallow that's how a werewolf comes about your able to swallow a fine slice of ham. A fine entry if in the Hammer Horror legacy that stands up w/ some of the better Dracula & Frankenstein filma. It's too bad there was only one of them

Tony M (gb) wrote: Very good film. 4 stars.

Zachary J (us) wrote: My only disappointment was that they never find the brother.

James C (au) wrote: After helping out a starving vampire, a horror author is repaid by being taken to 'The Monster Club' and told stories of three different types of monsters.I have a real soft spot for this movie - it is the highest form of camp horror done perfectly. The three stories are all entertaining in different ways and are a good mix of sad, funny and horrific, with my favourite being the hilarious second entry starring Donald Pleasence. The framing sequences in 'The Monster Club' itself are all very silly and amusing with a mix of comedy, people in rubber masks and several musical numbers. The cast is a great mix of horror stalwarts and other famous faces from the time who all play their roles to the max, with a special mention going to the legendary Vincent Price (and one of the only times he has played a vampire methinks). I remember seeing this movie way back in the day and it really appealed to my love of camp horror, and it a film that I can happily watch again and again. But, in the scheme of things, it really hasn't stood up to the test of time, and one thinks that it isn't going to appeal to the modern horror fan. But, I will always urge people to check it out if they haven't seen it and enjoy this great movie that shows why the British have always been the best at making horror anthology films.

(nl) wrote: Animation good only for a game, not for a movie