Celluloid Bloodbath: More Prevues from Hell

Celluloid Bloodbath: More Prevues from Hell

A collection of 62 over-the-top horror movie prevues from the golden Grindhouse age, spanning the 1960's through the 1980's.

A collection of 62 over-the-top horror movie prevues from the golden Grindhouse age, spanning the 1960's through the 1980's. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Celluloid Bloodbath: More Prevues from Hell torrent reviews

Stuart B (it) wrote: Love the TV show but this feature is pretty bad! Loyalty to the show gets this an extra star.

Alecs M (br) wrote: Risky to me to make a film in which the purpose of showing us how boring people can be can be mixed up without making it boring because of that, I think Parpados Azules does it well. Of course is a film that instead looking for the cheap comedy or the sordid (but nonetheless cheap) drama looks for an sour and, evidently, blue story about lonely little people. But it is very well told, at least enough to entertain for a moment. Un riesgo grande al querer transmitirnos a una pareja aburrida con unas vidas todava ms aburridas sin aburrirnos a los espectadores. Sus dos protagonistas deben ser taaaan x hasta desesperarnos sin que por ello la pelcula sea como ellos. Lo consigue pues est escrita con sencilez pero bien y sus personajes estn muy bien definidos. Cecilia Surez sorprende no porque de una actuacin maravillosa sino en especial porque la vemos en un papel muy diferente a todos los que ha hecho. Tanto ella como el resto del pequeo elenco est muy bien. No se me hizo mala pero siento como que algo grande le falt.

Private U (ru) wrote: Pretty good, nice twists to the story along the way

Film C (jp) wrote: i pretty terrible film really i wouldnt recomend it to anyone!

Anthony V (mx) wrote: Great teaming of Stephen Chow and Chow Yun-Fat.

Evan J (de) wrote: While the film itself looked amazing, I didn't find much else amazing about it.

Ed Fucking H (it) wrote: A pretty damn good 70's crime flick that delivers in both action and drama. 3 small time crooks rip off the Italian mob and the Harlem criminal underworld and end up killing a few cops in the getaway. Now the Italians, the Blacks and the Cops are all looking for them and they want blood. Has a good line up with Anthony Quinn and Yaphet Kotto, excellent direction, a dope soundtrack and so on. Not really much else to say about this one. A classic of this era of crime films. Never a dull moment.

Michael D (nl) wrote: Superb film with a pitch-perfect performance by Sharmila Tagore. Hard to be a goddess indeed.

Jason M (us) wrote: I had such high expectations for this documentary given the critic ratings. Nothing could have been more of a disappointment. Again, I was left thinking more about the pervasive "groupthink" of critics, professional and amateur alike, versus independent thinking. Just because this film is about a couple of ghetto youngsters, does not automatically earn it a masterpiece rating. The film simply follows two Chicago boys following a common pursuit of making the pros. This could have been done for a couple of Canadian kids following their NHL dreams, Brazilian kids following their soccer heroes or kids in Nebraska dreaming to play baseball in the Majors. There is very little narration and guidance leaving the viewer to watch the story unfold over the years. Neither kid makes it. So what? I did not feel empathy towards either boy, because the producers did nothing to build that in the story. Yes, I feel bad about poverty, but I've seen much better documentaries about that subject that really hit home...and no, they are not from Michael Moore.i would never recommend this documentary to anyone.

Bob S (kr) wrote: A dark, violent dystopian story with ZERO entertainment value.

Wade H (gb) wrote: Somewhat not as funny as it could of been. With excessive toilet humor and no clever punchlines it ends a just another forgettable comedy. Carrey does in fact carry the film.

Dylan D (jp) wrote: Term Life is comfortable as a mid-grade picture. Cast and crew squeeze every last bit of enjoyment out of the movie, and even if it never approaches a level of classic excellence, it's more than worth the 90-minute investment as a simple brain-off experience. A strong cast, fluid action, and a fair (if not trite) core story all contribute to an enjoyable movie experience.