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Roy W (br) wrote: I enjoyed the film. I have read the critics reviews and while the sentimentality is certainly there, it is within the framework of the genre. The film is fun and is what it is. This is NOT Argo and it does not pretend to be. The music is fun. I hope if there is a DVD it will include outtakes or full versions of the porch singers -- some of the best local Austin TX musicians. I thought Willie Nelson as Santa worked and Harry Connick is an engaging little-boy dad. Lyle Lovett is always one of my favorites. It is a fun holiday movie.

Michael L (ru) wrote: Pedestrian at best, THE EYE OF THE STORM, has the potential to be a scenery chewing masterpiece with stars like Geoffrey Rush, Judy Davis, and Charlotte Rampling. All are wasted in this dull interpretation of Patrick White's novel. Fred Schepisi is a marvelous director but even he seems to be phoning it in. What happened?

Sally S (ru) wrote: good, could have been more suspenseful...but there have been better movies with the same story...

Qarlos J (ru) wrote: An endearing one-night journey across town of two young lovers whose endeavor to be together for a single night becomes the beginning of a possible lifetime relationship. This honest movie shows how a good story doesn't have to filled with stereotypes, naked bodies and disco music to be successful as the characters live on their own and the story unfolds like a rose bud.

Drew N (de) wrote: Stylish, but devoid of substance.

Allan C (au) wrote: My favorite "Die Hard" clone has Kurt Russell as the John McClane figure on a plane and trying to rescue it from terrorists. Ace action film editor Stuart Baird (working on everything from "Lethal Weapon" to "Skyfall") made his directorial debut with this film and went on to only direct two more films, which were equally good (The underrated sequel to "The Fugitive" "US Marshalls" and "Star Trek: Nemesis"), so I've always wondered why he didn't direct any others when these films were all solid action flicks that were commercially successful. The story is pretty simple. Terrorists take over a plane and plan to crash the plane in Washington DC, which is filled with a deadly gas bomb, but analysts Kurt Russell and special forces team leader Steven Seagal are snuck on board the plane (while still in flight) and then scheme to stop the terrorists. Halle Berry (back when I thought she was cool) and Marla Maples play flight attendants and John Leguizamo, Oliver Platt, Joe Morton, BD Wong play part of the team snuck on board the plane and J.T. Walsh plays a congressman on the plane. Jerry Goldsmith provides one of his masculine scores, this one reminded me a lot of his score to "Twilights Last Gleaming." Alex Thomson provided the crisp photography. The scrip is by Jim Thomas and John Thomas, who also wrote the original "Predator." The main weakness of the film is the final act of the film, which seemed unnecessary and made the film seem a bit overlong and something out of an old Airpot film. SPOILER ALERT! But I always thought the coolest part of this film was that Steven Segal, right at the peak of his popularity, appeared in this film as the films hero, but is quickly killed off, leaving Russell to take over the lead. This was a great bait and switch when the film was first released in theaters that is somewhat lost on people now, since Segal is nowhere on the film's cover art or even named in the credits. However, when the film was released in theaters, Segal was prominently featured in the previews and received equal space on the the film's theatrical poster, which made is a terrific surprise when he's killed off. This is a film that I always thought was something of an underrated action flick.

Roberto N (ru) wrote: is interesting but dated

Caleb L (ca) wrote: Combine the Exorcist, Pink Floyd, ninja, the 80's, V8, and God's testicles. What you end up with is Ninja III - The Domination.

Greg W (kr) wrote: the story of Gladys Glover

Eddy C (ca) wrote: Very violant and brutal, great movie and the first Rise of Ceaser in the first Apes timeline

Seth H (br) wrote: Boring and immature, I shut it off because I couldn't watch it anymore

Adam R (br) wrote: "'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' is probably about as good as we could have expected. It lacks the dazzling brilliance and originality of '2001.' But on its own terms it's a very well-made piece of work, with an interesting premise. Some of the early reviews seemed pretty blase, as if the critics didn't allow themselves to relish the film before racing out to pigeonhole it. My inclination, as I slid down in my seat and the stereo sound surrounded me, was to relax and let the movie give me a good time." (Roger Ebert)