The breastplate of Attila the Hun is stolen as it has clues to the location of the Sword of Mars. It is said the Sword of Mars made Attila invincible and is guarded by Cerberus.

In Bucharest, Romania, the priceless breastplate of Attila, the Hun is robbed from the National Museum of Antiquities by a gang leaded by the despicable Marcus Cutter, and the curator Radu ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Donaldo T (mx) wrote: Finally after 5 years, we're back in the Wizarding World for another adventure. So when I saw the first trailer for this, I wasn't instantly hooked, but as new trailers were being released, I started to get more anticipated for this movie as I love Harry Potter minus the first two (the more childish ones). The movie started off a bit slow but got more fast paced as time went on. Overall I liked it7.7/10

Ville H (br) wrote: Vhn Kummeli Storiesin tyyliin episodimainen, jossa osat sidotaan lyhsti toisiinsa. Elokuva keskittyy vahvoihin roolihahmoihin, ja osat vaikuttavatkin lhinn ylipitkilt sketseilt. Muutamaa eponnistuneen vkinist vitsiyrityst lukuunottamatta ihan hauska elokuva.

Matt H (us) wrote: Solidly sweet "dirty" comedy. The performances felt a little too false near the end, but still is a solid comedy.

Justin L (au) wrote: The true story about how FDR gets polio from a Nazi werewolf bite and goes on to change the world. This movie was awesome, and you should watch it.

Dan A (de) wrote: I can't stand Seth Rogen, but I thought I'd give this a try because he's, for once, not playing a dumb stoner. Unfortunately for him when he's forced to play the "straight guy" he just seems really uncomfortable and out of his element. Barbra Streisand on the other hand is very good and she saves the film. The story is pretty thin but I don't mind that if the characters are interesting, which they sort of are, in places..mainly Streisand. I don't know, maybe I'm being a little generous with this rating but I honestly don't think it's a bad film, it's just a bit empty. On the flip side, I was never disinterested and had an alright time watching it, so I'm not going to be harsh.

Steve S (es) wrote: The WWE and it's wrestlers just need to stop making movies.

Mariola F (br) wrote: Great British movie for Christmas

Jessi t (jp) wrote: What starts out as a nice interesting bit of splatter/sleaze turns into something very uncharacteristic of itself come act II. The jarring switch takes away from the flick by attempting to make the film much grander than it's capable of doing.

Bob G (de) wrote: I remember watching this as a kid in the 70's and thinking how badass it was. 35 years later, not so much.... was very long, dull and over the top.

Clark S (gb) wrote: Charming and poignant, Mr Morgan's Last Love makes the point that while what will be will be, how one feels about it all is largely a matter of choice.

corynne c (mx) wrote: great movie i am 15 and i saw this yesterday it is awesome i like thrillers and Julia Roberts if you like thrillers and Julia Roberts this is the best movie for you its not to scary just the end parts and the middle parts i also like the main plot ex wife running away from husband ... good plot its really good :)

Joe C (ca) wrote: I saw this movie a while ago when it first came out and never thought of it again. When I recently added it to my collection on a whim, and watched it again, it was so much better. The plot is crazy in different ways but it has that subtle point that instantly throws itself in your face. I am just a huge fan of Edward Norton and he does good as fake transformation overtakes him and he fools everyone. Robert Deniro does what he does best with any character in any film and that is beating the living shit out of it until it belongs to him. Milla Jovovich was sexy as always and vindictive in ways. I can't really explain it all, but the film just clicks, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.