Cesta do hlubin studákovy duse

Cesta do hlubin studákovy duse

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Cesta do hlubin studákovy duse torrent reviews

Sarah F (gb) wrote: i would like to see this

Ryan W (us) wrote: My expectations were low very low actually but I was surprised it was not that bad

Kathy D (es) wrote: It started out okay, but went downhill after that. Low budget movie not worth watching unless you're just bored.

bill s (es) wrote: Harris is terrific here and easily the best thing about this less than average offering.

Christopher B (fr) wrote: With this and Sauna, Annila is easily one of the most exciting directors working today.

Robert Z (es) wrote: I liked this one a lot more than the other reviewers. I thought it had a good combo of suspense/thriller/action. GOOD, not great. Ford was excellent as usual. It held my interest, more than some highly rated films of the genre.

Colleen B (ca) wrote: I thought this movie was funny, and entertaining I want Sam to do more movies like this.

Jen T (it) wrote: There are two versions of the same film on this DVD. The price should be worth the Tromatized version alone, because it's the only one worth watching. It's really really funny.

Robert S (br) wrote: I love this movie. It tells the sad story of war and how it can continue with each side wanting to retaliate.

noah m (jp) wrote: One of the better feel good sports movies out there but this film in particular lacs the sense of satisfaction at the end. Viewers want to see the entire redeeming season of the eagles but we only got to see papali's life changing touch down. It was a very emotional and inspirational scene but they could have continued the story.

Sebastian H (es) wrote: one of the best HKBOs (hong kong blood operas) out there. very nice movie!!! i miss it

Robert I (au) wrote: Now this is the Oliver Stone I miss. This movie has driven me insane. Any movie that makes me crazy I really respect. Good job, Ollie.

Eric M (es) wrote: And now, an entirely different cinematic look at Naples, courtesy of Billy Wilder. Sadly, this is not one of the great director's better comedies. Despite beautiful scenery and a terrific lead performance from Jack Lemmon, "Avanti!" is draggily paced, overlong, and suffers from a surprisingly crude and mean-spirited sense of humor, including several unfunny "fat" jokes lobbed at Juliet Mills' character (who in addition to not really being fat at all is actually quite attractive.) Worth watching for Wilder/Lemmon completists, but casual fans can pass.

Lila W (ru) wrote: I love James Garner. The other stars in this film are alo awesome. It' lighthearted and fun.

Ryan V (us) wrote: An affluent family suffers a kidnapping and it's up to the boy's estranged grandfather (John Wayne) to save him. Accompanied by his two distrustful sons, the rescue party suffers bullets, treachery, and the harsh landscape on their campaign. Big Jake can't really decide if it's a fun, slapstick-filled western or a gritty and brutally violent one. The copious amounts of blood look like melted crayons, but they aren't half as distracting as the stilted and awful acting of Patrick Wayne as one of the sons. John Wayne has a massive roster of western movies you can check out and you'd be far better off with a good number of them.

Steve W (nl) wrote: It was overhyped. Its nice to see all those big names in one movie, but the movie's beginning and ending kind of overshadow the filler in the middle.

Darby G (ca) wrote: Documenting the ever rising bar for what is humanly possible The Search for Freedom takes us on a wild joyride through the world of extreme sports and insight into what drives the men and women, boys and girls who push their limits every day. Take-your-breath-away footage, outstanding soundtrack, and inspiring dialogue will leave you ready to grab the nearest board and dive in. See it!!