Chaalis Chauraasi

Chaalis Chauraasi

Four friends -- Pankaj (Naseeruddin Shah), Bobby (Atul Kulkarni), Shakti Chinappa (Ravi Kissen), Albert Pinto (Kay Kay Menon) -- want to rob a lonely house in a lonely stretch of it's Rs 20 crore fake Indian currency... and the very fake note vending machine that lies in there. Just one problem: They have no plan...

Four friends, who have accidentally committed crimes, decide to loot Rs. 20 crore, posing as cops. But on the way, they encounter a real police inspector, who orders them to do an encounter... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Chaalis Chauraasi torrent reviews

Trinity C (us) wrote: this even funny?

Chris A (it) wrote: watched the end but i think ill pass

Danny M (kr) wrote: This is alright. Got nothing on the originals. But it certainly doesn't suck. It's just very silly and far fetched

Pichi P (es) wrote: A talented cast, cheerleaders who are not just depicted as vapid airheads, cool dance routines, even an anti-racism message and a lot of humor. I like this movie a lot!

Nigel C (us) wrote: HmmActually quite hard to watch.The first thirty minutes feels like the director has said "cut" after every sentence and setup again with the same camera in a different position and then shouted "action".I'm afraid Tarzan makes a poor cop. Even suspending believe to "rotten" levels wasn't helpful. There are many "B" list faces to look out for though.Spot the (nearly) celeb is a good game here.Hard to watch.

Oscar T (ru) wrote: This is the movie Ive been searching long time ago, I remind, I saw this movie when I was a little child, and I want to watch it now!!!

Zachary H (br) wrote: i laughed, i guffawed, i cried! beastiality at its finest!

Jason M (mx) wrote: I seen this movie on TV some time ago and found it at my local vid store and had everyone I know watch it and they all loved it! Good story!

jesse p (kr) wrote: So another run of a muck 70s Slasher flick about a Japanese's guy who brutally murders people with his samurai sword. There are some Meany flaws to start with and a very poorly done idea. I have said it before and I will say it again I hate Slasher flicks to me there not that good or original. This movie was made likely because of the success of Halloween. The plot begins on August 10 in a California drive-in theatre, and concerns a killer on the loose, with the victims beheaded with a large sword. Two police are sent to investigate the killings, and question the owner of the drive in and his "assistant", and a local peeping Tom, before going undercover to catch the killer themselves. The story sounds cool but it's poorly done with errors and flaws and all that stuff. The acting is nothing good sometimes it's strong other times very bad and annoying. The special effects are very fake but there the only thing that keep you watching with all the death scenes. Music, editing, all that stuff Poor okay. Here are some facts I found. The poster featured the following warning: "DRIVE-IN MASSACRE has been deemed by an independent film board to be too terrifying for viewing by the average theatre patron. For this reason, it is suggested that those of you with severe emotional disorders or chronic coronary dysfunction NOT see this movie. The risk is entirely yours." The original video release also includes the theatrical trailer, in which the title is misspelled as Drive In Masacre. This was retitled 'Drive In Killer' for its West German release The title is shown as though it were written in letters on the marquee of an actual drive in theatre. Overall my final verdict is not recommended but if you like horrors go right ahead.

Peter B (ag) wrote: Clint Eastwood is the hard, play-by-my-rules inspector Harry Callahan who frequently takes the law into his own hands. This is a pretty unrealistic depiction of cop life. But who cares? Dirty Harry is a great, entertaining watch not to be taken too seriously.