Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction

Two researchers in a green alternative energy project are put on the run when they are framed for murder and treason.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:107 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   boat,   factory,  

Two researchers in a green alternative energy project are put on the run when they are framed for murder and treason. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Chain Reaction torrent reviews

Derek K (ru) wrote: What a crappy movie! When I saw Jason Biggs and Eva Longoria on the cover I thought that it might be good. Now I curse the day that I picked it up at the video store. What is up with Eva Longoria and making crappy movies!

Morris N (au) wrote: Jim Slotek (Jami Movies) put it quite well: Miike knows how to film cartoonish violence with style, and the sillier the movie becomes in its mayhem, the harder it is to turn away from. I enjoyed it overall. I found it excessive. Some of it was offensive. I'm glad I watched it on TV, so I could fast forward through some of the brutality. The visual style of the film is its strongest selling point, and like so much of Japanese cinema, it delivers repeatedly in this regard.

Randy L (kr) wrote: Exceptional feel good Christmas movie. All star cast makes you laugh and remember how great life really is. Filled with joy, sadness, disappointment and love as the universal denominator, it reminds us how friends and family center our everyday existence. ??????????????

DA KID PSYCHO (ag) wrote: yo this movie is kinda whack...Sillk Da Shocka can't act at all...his scenes were boring...the theme of the movie is cool, but the movie could've been better yo

bill s (br) wrote: You've seen this done better before but Barrymore makes it watchable.

Estelle L (jp) wrote: yahooooooooooooooooooooooo !

Jack P (br) wrote: Sometimes gripping, sometimes social commentary, sometimes suspenseful, sometimes good. Otherwise mediocre and uninteresting. Overall works out to be slightly sub par.

Siavash (nl) wrote: I didn't understand a lot from this film. this 3.5 stars is dedicated to perfect cinematography and vast fields of Mongolia. the characters where lovable. as much as I figured out, the story was perfect too. a good one if you're looking for intellectual movies.

Jason W (ru) wrote: Better than the 14 one. Interesting to see where this will all go. They seemed defensive in this one.

Phil S (au) wrote: One of the most underrated WWII movies, Sam Peckenpah delivers a horrific glimpse into life on the Russian Front... For both sides.

rick c (de) wrote: this one looks really creepy.

Neal P (nl) wrote: This might as well be a Disney Channel Movie. It was pretty much a waste of time, except for the slightly redeeming end, which gave me the feels.

Lawrence W (gb) wrote: I remember before this movie came out, I wanted to see it because the idea was intriguing... But after watching it, I'd rather re-watch the episode of Futurama that had this same plot. It's better.