A serial killer kidnaps a young boy after murdering his mother, then raises him to be his accomplice. After years in captivity, the boy must choose between escaping or following in his captor's bloody footprints.

Held captive by a serial killer since the age of 8, a teen (Eamon Farren) must make a life or death choice between following in the serial killer's bloody footsteps or breaking free from his captor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Chained torrent reviews

Olly H (de) wrote: guter film der unter der schlechten synchro leidet

Tyler P (ag) wrote: Avec Mlanie Laurent a passe.

Puneet T (gb) wrote: most pathetic movie of the century

Seema P (ru) wrote: They should've placed anil kapoor in the center of ads bc it was totally his movie and he did good in his role. Its always sad for me to see salman khan and katrina kaif- waste of cinematic waste. Not what I expected but still nice for a one time deal. art direction and cinematography are a plus in the movie.

Gwen H (jp) wrote: A revealing look at the day to day life of a Pakistani immigrant. I liked seeing his relationship with the young Pakistani gentleman who lived in the neighborhood where he sets up his food cart. Watch this if you have a chance.

Jayden C (au) wrote: really goodmust see

Scott B (jp) wrote: If Shakespeare took two hits of acid and went in a mad dash through a time machine while writing Titus Andronicus, this would be the result. Great fun.

Jonathan B (it) wrote: Very lame government conspiracy movie. You don't care much for any of the characters being chased, and the plot is very predictable. No matter what your options are, I'd probably recommend against seeing this.

Jordan P (mx) wrote: If you like action with lots of people dressed up for a BDSM orgy, this is your movie.

Dylan W (au) wrote: A real buck ass nigga film

George B (it) wrote: I LOVE THIS MOVIE !!!!