• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1975
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Chaitali 1975 full movies, Chaitali torrents movie

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Chaitali torrent reviews

Victoria B (ag) wrote: Most films I'm glad I've seen for some reason. This film seemed to have drama in the plot outline but somehow was lost in the edit and direction. Came out feeling I'd watched a knitting catalogue for and hour and half.

Victor V (kr) wrote: stupid malaysia , so lame japanese think they are so geniuses? fake monsters

Adrian (nl) wrote: One of the funniest and dumbest films I've ever seen.

Sebastin C (ca) wrote: Interesante drama, con un conflicto bien desarrollado. Pese a ser predecible a ratos y con una estructura no tan dinmica, plantea disyuntivas morales; instancias en las que no quisiramos estar... Y Beto Cuevas, que siga en la msica noms...

Private U (fr) wrote: This was shot by Raymond Stella a guy who has done some incredible 2nd unit work on many A list films and has helped elevate the look of them (he was also Dean Cundey's camera operator for many years). He has loads of talent but only seems to get B horror films to lens as a cinematographer (I'm not counting the 50 plus episodes of Buffy cause they is teevee). This films looks good... certainly his gifts are the best part of it... but the damn script lets everyone down.

Jeff M (fr) wrote: Such a sweet movie!...and that guy's a total hottie!!

Aj S (br) wrote: It's Bruce Campbell being classic, that right there deserves just the three star rating, as for everything else, it's all "meh". The story seems bland for a B-Movie, I can't explain it, maybe its the lack of any production value that is done in Bulgaria. There are some great cheesy fight scenes though, that's all I can really say, the seen between the Gypsy & Campbell's (movie) wife was priceless.

KMM (fr) wrote: A man carries out his best friend's last rites by taking his body to Joshua Tree National Park. This film is about that journey. A true story that was watchable but not a must see by any means.

Sean G (nl) wrote: Whaaaaaaaaat! I found a movie that I haven't rated and reviewed yet. I saw Hardware in the theatre when it came out. It was not very good but had a few moments as I recall...its been 26 years, give me a break! I did not know that it was diirected by Richard Stanley who made the ill fated Island of Doctor Moreau.

Jason D (fr) wrote: Hard Rock Zombies is about a C-grade Hair Metal band (though the songs are reminiscent of Journey and somewhat catchy) who are on the verge of breaking through until they arrive in a town akin to just about any conservative, bible-holding town (take your pick) where they stay in a haunted house ran by killers, midgets, and Adolf Hitler. The house of mad people kill the band, but the band is reanimated via zombies who kill all of the villains, who in turn become zombies themselves and start eating people. This film tries very hard to be hilarious and slapstick-y, but all it manages to do it become cheesy and corny (and not in the good way). Aside from an Indian production and a cast of relatively unknowns, there are a couple of familiar faces including the films biggest star, Phil Fondacaro, as one of the demented midgets, and effects provided by John Carl Buechler. The more I think about it, the more I start to enjoy the songs, though that is expected, since I like that sort of outdated music. Overall, this movie is just plain silly. Some of the ideas would have worked under better direction (like the whole Hitler angle, which was still decent). Could have been better.

Daniel P (us) wrote: Gloriously colourful (almost lurid, and at times almost gothic), this 1947 classic is teeming with sexual and racial subtext and has stunning set design.

Marilee A (br) wrote: I know it's sappy in spots,but love has difficulties. I ADORE this Movie ???

Ryan L (ca) wrote: If youre into the Rapture or Armageddon, then this is for you!

Ric S (us) wrote: One of the best coming of age movies Emily Lloyd is wonderful as a free spirited, smart ass teen girl who cannot keep herself out of mischief. Good fun.