Chakram (Prabhas) is a foreign returnee and has a dream of building a hospital at Pulivendula. He is in love with his colleague, Lakshmi (Asin Thottumkal) who studied with him abroad. But leaves her half-way through after he realizes that he was struck with cancer. Not wanting to tell her, he moves to Hyderabad and stays in place called ‘Sahara Colony’. There, he tries to solve people problem's in the colony. Seeing all this, another girl who is also named Lakshmi (Charmy) falls in love with Chakram. The rest is a heart-rending saga of the cancer-struck patient's love station.

A medical student with a secret inexplicably abandons his bride-to-be and hometown, but his past catches up to him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Virgilio L (ru) wrote: La actriz principal es excelente, una historia sensual y dramatico. The lead actress is amazing, a sensual and dramatic stroy

Malcolm M (fr) wrote: Ok did not want to see it but then seen Alisters rate so now really do lol

Nichole M (us) wrote: It was ok. Thought it would tell more about Jeffrey Dahmer.

Barry T (es) wrote: very nice film with a great performance from Brenda blethyn

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Amanda G (ca) wrote: Excellent plot and superb acting. A powerful movie.

Crystal K (it) wrote: Another classic & favorite of mine!!Luv this movie!!

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Kristin T (ag) wrote: Nostalgia is at work when I give this 3 stars. This movie scared the hell out of me when I was little, and I think I watched it about 300 times thanks to the fledgling HBO's limited line-up which included constant replaying of whatever it had on hand. Creepy, and now campy to my adult sensibilities, I have great affection for this movie!!