Monica Kapoor lives a wealthy lifestyle in London, England. When she hears that her estranged brother, Kishan, has been killed while traveling in a train, she returns home to India and asks his much younger and drop dead gorgeous widow, Shobha, to move out so that she could sell the house, pick up the cash, return to London and get married to her boyfriend, Manoj. She does get to sell the house and compels Shobha to move in with Kishan's friend, Amar, but Manoj steals the cash and disappears. Humbled by this incident, Monica also moves in with Amar and Shobha, as well as Amar's younger brother, Chickoo, and ends up falling in love with Amar. She decides to marry him at the Registrar's Office. When he does not show, she returns home and finds him getting intimate with Shobha.

Monica Kapoor lives a wealthy lifestyle in London, England. When she hears that her estranged brother, Kishan, has been killed while traveling in a train, she returns home to India and asks... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alberto Z (es) wrote: funny movie about the right to gay marriage in USA.... it would be nice send it a copy to George Bush....

jay n (de) wrote: Strong performances from the leads, although Shirley's accent is reminiscent of Anne Bancroft who originated the role on Broadway and might have seemed more at home in the part. Well directed by Wise but if interpersonal dramas aren't your thing-steer clear of this.

Russell G (ca) wrote: Solid heist film that stands out by showing solid police work instead of the norm to have wild detective theories and genius criminals. It's lean and to the point, so it never gets dull. The stripper has the lamest act ever though.

Steve L (br) wrote: Very good remake. Alot better than the last. Although it did leave out a few details, the few that they included made up for it. It actually gave a better perspective than the original.

Michael H (de) wrote: The plot of the film is just a device for showcasing the top talent of the day - and a lot of it. A mishmash of vaudeville, film, and recording stars with different styles are stitched together in a quilt-work of contemporary entertainment. It's definitely hit and miss but the misses don't last long and some of the hits are pretty darned funny. A great way to sample all these stars in one pretty short movie.I was particularly impressed with Stuart Erwin - not a big name - who played a central role in holding the movie together and who's natural, low key delivery offers some of the best laughs and highlights the difference between the broad, set-up/punchline vaudeville comedy surrounding him and a cinema performance that incorporates the humor within the story and character interactions.A fun movie and a valuable document of the time.

Michael G (ca) wrote: In 1942, The Black Swan was probably the greatest thing ever. I'm sure I would've gone to see it every night of the week if I saw this movie nearly 70 years ago. But since that's not the case and I recently saw the superior Adventures of Robin Hood, The Black Swan is merely just okay. The opening is pretty strong and the back and forth between Tyrone Power and Maureen O'Hara (if I had to narrow it down for only one reason for anyone to see this movie it would be her beautiful bitchiness) was fun. Throw in the rest of the cast and some fun action and its worth the watch.

Ziv E (it) wrote: It isn't the greatest due to a rather weak hero, generic designs on the turtles, and things that fell rather out of place, but there are enough nice designs, morals and characters to remember by,( As well as some nice execution to prevent Marlin from being generic.)I would recommend this the most to dads, they will definitely relate to Marlin.Story:9|10Animation:9|10Character|s:8|10Overall:8|10