Challenge of Death

Challenge of Death


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1979
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

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Challenge of Death torrent reviews

Dave R (fr) wrote: It was alright for what it was zombies and killer robots haven't seen that to often

Josh B (ca) wrote: Pretty cool. Kept me interested for sure. Not sure how much I cared about the characters involved, but, a cool plot nonetheless.

Sree K (de) wrote: story is routine. execution is dragged and unnecessary twists. technical values are just ok. songs are excellent. entertainment value is almost good. final grade of the movie is C

syrian s (fr) wrote: It's one of the movies you only start to enjoy after it ends,

Reko R (au) wrote: Orava-teemaan liittyen tmn jo "vanhan" elokuvan muistaminen. Sit paitsi Emma Suarez on aina nkemisen ja kokemisen arvoinen...

Dan S (au) wrote: Not too bad. I liked it. Good movie.

stefan p (ru) wrote: Classic movie. I loved it

Greg M (de) wrote: Lisa Gastoni gives a subtle and audacious performance nominated by the Italian Journalists for Best Actress (her full-frontal nude scene is unforgettable) in this small and bizarre story of sexual intrigue, domination, and obsession. Salvatore Samperi's direction of the increasingly bizarre relationship is subtle and always helped by Vittorio Storaro's usual superb cinematography and a memorable Riz Ortolani score. An overlooked film now but it ran in Sydney for a couple of years.

Branden L (br) wrote: much better than "sweet sweetback's baadddaaasssss song." this is just a funny, funny, funny movie. some of the lines just make you shake your head in shock and funniness. if you think racism is funny, you will like this movie. great stuff.

Danny S (jp) wrote: There are a handful of movies that I am sort of embarrassed to admit that I like. When discussing these films, I tend to say "yeah well, I liked it" in a meek voice. Cary Grant plays a father of three who, after a divorce, doesn't know his children. After his ex-wife passes away, he ends up with custody of his three children with no idea how to raise them. After running away, the youngest child befriends a woman he meets at a fair. Not knowing that she actually comes from a wealthy family, Grant's character hires her to be their nanny and maid ... and quickly finds out that she has no idea how to clean or cook.It was cute, all right? Heh. It was entertaining and enjoyable. Sure, it was very much like a sitcom ... but it was very much like a GOOD sitcom. It is a feel good movie and somewhat of a chick flick, but like I said ... it is good. Deal with it. lol10 Scale Rating: 7.0 ...

Stephen S (mx) wrote: I know that this wasn't well-received, but I found it interesting nonetheless. I like how it compliments the other Steve Jobs film really well, telling different aspects of his life. I can't say that anyone would like this, but I enjoyed it, mostly because of the subject matter.