Chalo Paltai

Chalo Paltai

Subhamoy is a widower and he has two children Munni and Gaurav who is an extremely talented cricketer, but extremely dull when it comes to studies. He is father's ultimate dream is to see his son grow up and be something good, not a cricketer. When Gaurav fails in school and his principal refuses to allow him to sit for Madhyamik, his father asks the principal to give him 5 days within which Gaurav would produce the desired results. When things remain the same and there is a heated argument one day, Subhamoy strikes Gaurav and his head hits the bed and he starts bleeding and falls unconscious. He is taken to the hospital where he falls in to a coma. He remains like that for a few months before he is taken back to his house on the doctor's advice.

Subhamoy is a widower and he has two children Munni and Gaurav who is an extremely talented cricketer, but extremely dull when it comes to studies. He is father's ultimate dream is to see ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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