Chaloo Movie

Chaloo Movie

The police raid a theatre where movie tickets of a very successful film are being sold in black (illegally at a higher price). When Police Inspector Sher Khan interrogates Khoji, a man in his 20s, he claims that he is the director of the very film whose tickets he is selling in black. The cynical Sher Khan puts Khoji behind bars. Now Sher Khan receives two phone calls -- one from the Police Commissioner and another from the dreaded don "WC", both of whom support Khoji's detention. Who is Khoji? Is he really the film's director? Then why is he selling his film's tickets in black? What do the Police Commissioner and don "WC" want from Khoji? All this is revealed through a hilarious turn of events.

The police raid a theatre where movie tickets of a very successful film are being sold in black (illegally at a higher price). When Police Inspector Sher Khan interrogates Khoji, a man in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kat J (kr) wrote: Uber predictable, campy, 2nd rate acting, but all in all, not terrible. Sounds like a contradiction, but you know... sometimes the adventurous apocalypse movies can be fun, even if they're not great. I would have hated it if I'd paid to see if in the theater, but as a Netflix option... it's okay.

Jaime L (mx) wrote: Dull, poorly acted and silly. One star removed for each.

Stephanie D (mx) wrote: I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. Amy Poehler was funny as always! It was entertaining.

Masumi H (us) wrote: well captured what's happening there right now. rock, folk, traditional music and hip-hop.

Ken S (jp) wrote: Not to shabby for a movie about killer fish. On par with the first two Anaconda films, but it's no Tremors or Lake PlacidAlso it co-stars China Chow, can't believe she uses that name. You may remember her from The Big Hit with Marky Mark (sans Funky Bunch).

Mandela W (gb) wrote: Mike Nichols, one of the greats in this industry directed in 2004 an interesting love story with 4 people. The film is closer and it begins with the first two individuals alice played by Natalie Portman and dan played by Jude Law who meet in the streets of London. They instantly hit it off and we learn a great deal about the two including the fact that alice is a stripper. later comes in Julia Roberts character Anna whom Dan starts flirting with. Larry Gray played by Clive Owen comes into the picture later and finds his way into this 4 way ordeal. all of them confront each other some fuck each other as well but they all deal with the heartbreak, the fun and passion that comes with this thing we know as love.This is a really well written story. It's a lot like a play especially dialogue wise. the legendary mike Nichols weaves in these 4 lovers in such a fascinating fashion and makes one wonder about love in the world we live in. its quite funny how they all meet each other. Unfortunately it's something that never happens in real life but still pretty interesting to watch. Natalie Portman supplies a good amount of intrigue with Alice. I like how she owned up to being a stripper and regardless of that she manages to have enough confidence to hook certain men in. She doesn't let this profession define who she is. She was the best out of this foursome cast. Portman and Clive owen have scenes were their chemistry was fantastic. Their scene in the strip club is one of the best acting scenes you'll ever get to see. Clive owen himself is pretty damn good here. his character works an honest profession but delves in his guilty pleasures. Like Roberts character he is also honest about his feelings. Julia Roberts is great here! she is a weak fragile woman who lets her heart get pulled in many directions. the complexity about her was interesting to watch. Jude law's character seems conflicted about the kind of love he wants in his life. Strong performance from himGood cinematography and good lighting too. Nichols usage of music to tell the story and mood of scene has always been my favorite element of his directing style. If you love Mike Nichols go see this film you will enjoy it for sure.

Iuri L (br) wrote: most respect to el querido "poeta pinero", and props to mr. bratt for some powerul acting...

WS W (it) wrote: Alrightee. The violins-hide-and-seek scene is amazingly done. The underdog romance however is rather cliched.

Val P (it) wrote: Fantastically done and so true to the original that the tongue-in-cheek aspects don't even have to be obvious. Casting is perfect as was the costume design and art direction. If you want an even bigger laugh, watch a season of the original show afterward to see just how close some of the ridiculous plot lines that this movie pokes fun at are.Just good fun.

Teresa S (au) wrote: (1979 Director: Richard Lester) I think it is important to understand our neighboring countries, don';t you? And Sean Connery starring?!? On TV this [email protected]

Matt H (nl) wrote: Very "Capraesque." I'd say darker than Capra, but then I think of It's a Wonderful Life. Very interesting depiction of postwar Japan/Tokyo. Really get drawn into the characters' lives. The attempt at breaking the 4th wall near the end is awkward and is surprising and seems misplaced, but otherwise a solid depiction of a couple.

Henry S (es) wrote: soundtrack better than the movie

Travis W (nl) wrote: While nothing revolutionary, this movie has its redeeming features, and though this is darker then others, fans of Nicholas Sparks will likely enjoy it.

Mihai Z (de) wrote: Very nice story around the friendship of two sisters and, generally, to what lengths one would go for a friend. It is presented in a very nice way for children, in a world where "bad" does not exist and the blame cannot be thrown on anyone. In my opinion a children's movie must present happiness, sincerity, forgiveness and friendship and this movie achieves this role by presenting all these qualities, naturally, in almost every scene. 3D rendering, scenes, animation and acting seam to improve every year. The down side are the rather untied scenes: some seam to short and the movie ends seemingly fast.

Igor A (de) wrote: najlosh film na Dario Argento sto imam gledano :(

Tom V (au) wrote: A very stark and controlled film; one that can be both rewarding and frustrating at times.

Cody B (au) wrote: An excellent Western, featuring Clint Eastwood as the best cowboy ever. Shirley Maclaine has the greatest role of any, and the whole movie is just fantastic. Rather fast-paced.

Ian J (mx) wrote: God this was terrible. I want those two hours of my life back. CGI was ok. The rest was an embarrassment.