Keiko who leads a lonely life as a fortune teller on the streets meets Goro, a leader of the con-artists. One day, Goro witnesses a group of men kidnapping a middle-aged man in the parking garage. Goro records the man on his cell phone without knowing he could be in big trouble.

While cleaning offices at night, Zsolt Kovàcs learns a lot about his invisible employers by examining what they leave behind, carefully choosing his targets, often disillusioned women whom ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Chameleon torrent reviews

Dean M (kr) wrote: This is a bit funny and entertaining just like Tokyo Gore Police as well as it's so silly and over the top with gore that people show actual acting skills. The main three girls are all uber sexy, and show range. My review of this bizarre Asian variation of X-Men with the word "relentless," which perfectly summarizes the film -- though that's not necessarily a negative thing depending upon one's tolerance for non-stop visual assaults of gore, depravity and toilet humour.

Anna B (us) wrote: To be honest it wasn't that great, but it was enjoyable and entertaining.

Marco M (br) wrote: OMG, this is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. After watching this movie, I became the Dead Men Walking, because it bored me to death. I'm not going to explain, why it's crap, because I really want to forget that I've ever even seen this shit. DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE, because lifetime is too valuable to do so. Oh mein Gott, das ist einer der schlechtesten Filme, den ich je gesehen habe. Nachdem ich den Film gesehen hatte, war ich der DEAD MEN WALKING, denn er hat mich zu Tode gelangweilt. Ich werde nicht erklren, warum der Film Mll ist, da ich wirklich vergessen will, dass ich diesen Schei je gesehen habe. SCHAUT EUCH DIESEN FILM NICHT AN, denn Lebenszeit ist zu wertvoll um dies zu tun.

Mischa v (it) wrote: Great, authentic near-future sci-fi.,Not difficult to guess the swiss director's favorite, Alien'79.

cheke (jp) wrote: esta de poca madre kristof and tony daldon una bn pareja de actores

Kunal D (de) wrote: Just funny in scenes.. A bit over the top at times

Tyler M (gb) wrote: A brief but satisfactory introduction of the art of comic books. The film is good for a pre-Internet documentary and the interviews are captivating. But, as one reviewer pointed out, it appears to demonstrate that the history of comics are a "prelude to 80s proto-hipsters and their important work." While the 1980s did produce some very good comics and secured the medium as a respectable art form, you can sense the slight pretension. Nonetheless, this film is certainly worth the watch. If you're not into comics you'll still enjoy it and I hope it may pique your interest into comics as an art form and substantial culture.

Ricky T (jp) wrote: Penn and Walken are at the top of their form.

Liam O (jp) wrote: Based on a true story of 1960's artists Margaret and Walter Keane. Being a woman in the 60's, Margaret is suppressed by society and even worse, her husband. Womans art being difficult to sell in this time period, Walter takes credit for her paintings in order to sell her art. Margaret struggles with a loss of identity through the movie because she is discredited for the paintings she has created. Unlike many of his films, Director Tim Burton takes a more conservative route on this one, perhaps it's because he's portraying real people and real events. Burton pulls this one off quite well, a true story with the thought provoking themes of identity and feminism in a more 'traditional' style.

Anders A (kr) wrote: The 80s feeling allover, climb to the top, and conquer the throne. Hard body, hard fighting, squished out of a real story. Easy entermaint, but its working for what it is.

William F (jp) wrote: This is where the series started losing a bit of its relativity to its source material (being the books). The plot here feels rushed, the characters aren't as likeable as the previous films, and everything is somewhat dark and moody (where this sort of stuff should only be happening by movie #5). Nevertheless, it's still an enjoyable film. It's just that it obviously shows that it went in a different direction than its predecessors.

Derk D (ag) wrote: Triumphant and forceful! Theron and Hardy on fire - what's not to like?!