Champagne Charlie

Champagne Charlie

Ealing Comedy about rivalry between 19th Century music hall performers.

The story of a 19th century English music hall (vaudeville) performer and life behind the scenes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Elyse J (ca) wrote: I can understand the other reviews but what were you expecting? It's light and cool and has a good soundtrack. That's all I was expecting and was delivered! Elizabeth and Dakota are adorable.

Ash W (ru) wrote: Very underrated movie! Great supporting cast a real underdog movie and makes u feel proud to be a Brit!!

John M (ag) wrote: A very entertaining biopic of a German supermodel in the 60's and 70's. She's a small town girl who leaves her parents behind to become a "photo model". She ends up becoming very famous and dating the Rolling Stones Keith Richards. She ends up with a rich traveler named Bockhorn (also German). They travel the world together in a home-made bus.

Doctor S (nl) wrote: If you're tired of the repetitive, mindless machinations of modern action films, then here's a modern action film you may want to check out. Without a doubt, it's the most "realistic" action film I've seen in a good long while. People get tired after running through the streets or up flights of stairs. Everyday vehicles are not built like the Batmobile - when they take damage, they respond poorly. Oh yeah, most of all this movie gives this important reminder: bullets hurt. People who get shot are virtually incapacitated, and it doesn't take a barrage of 56 of them to take someone down. Even with these real-world limitations - you know, annoying stuff like actual physics and biology that directors and CGI effects dweebs prefer to ignore in favor of pushing their new rendering progs - Richard Donner has constructed quite a white-knuckle thriller. He's old school, the director of the original Superman and Superman II (which are the only ones that count), and here he's as interested in exploring the personal drama as firing shotguns. Bruce Willis gives one of his best performances as a tired cop filled with inner conflict about who to trust - his prisoner (Mos Def), his partner (David Morse), or his conscience. Mos Def does a remarkable job in turning what at first seems like a sniveling worm with an extremely irritating voice into the most sympathetic character in the movie. Seems to offer a climax or two too many, but still an engrossing and hair-raising ride.

Michael G (gb) wrote: Pretty easy to figure out the twist but I still thought the way it was designed was pretty clever. Pacing is a bit slow. Suspenseful moments don't deliver anything.

Matt M (nl) wrote: Herzog has gotten us used to some amazing documentary works. Yet, in this film he seems confused, perhaps because in it he deals with a subject that is all too personal. Indeed, My Best Fiend feels quite intimate - all too intimate, as in the end it almost feels as if he made it for his own sake rather than for Kinski's sake or the audience's knowledge of the actor's personal life.

Outcast O (gb) wrote: Simply breathtaking! Everyone needs to see this!

Oscar P (gb) wrote: What a beautiful moving movie. Love it!

Jake P (au) wrote: New Jersey Drive is authentic.

Matt R (ca) wrote: solid western. Marvin is very entertaining.

Scott R (nl) wrote: A truly enjoyable romance film that happens to be about sports.

Lisa B (it) wrote: Not nearly as good as the version with David Suchet!

Ben T (de) wrote: 1996's Trainspotting is without a doubt one of the biggest landmarks in low budget British filmmaking. The second movie by Danny Boyle after he directed 1994's Shallow Grave, Trainspotting is based off Irvine Welsh's book of the same name. Trainspotting is an absolutely phenomenal film and is essential viewing if you live in Scotland or the UK. Trainspotting has so much to talk about due to the amazing cast, directing, writing and just everything really. Watching the film now it's a who's who of famous British actors who were relative newcomers at the time. This is the movie that really catapulted Ewan McGregor into the mainstream. He does a really great job here as his character is very flawed and at times unlikeable but McGregor does a fantastic job. The cast of characters in Trainspotting have become iconic now and a lot of that is to do with the fantastic acting. Ewan Bremner does a brilliant job at playing Spud, the loveable idiot. Jonny Lee Miller is great as Sick Boy and is very funny. Robert Carlyle plays the violent psychopath Begbie unnervingly well. Kevin McKidd is brilliant as Tommy and his character journey is very tragic. Kelly Macdonald also does a great job in a small role as Diane. The rest of the supporting cast is also fantastic and it is just great seeing how many of the cast have gone on to become famous. Trainspotting is in my opinion one of the best directed films I've ever seen. This was Danny Boyle's second movie and he's does an amazing job at making this such an amazing film. This is a gritty, funny, dark, trippy and at times horrifying movies. Trainspotting has become infamous for its very raw knuckle and grim depiction of drug taking and while that is certainly there in spades there is a lot of black comedy no one seems to mention. There are some hilarious moments like: Begbie and the woman in the bar, Sick Boy's hilariously idiotic speech about life and Spud's mishap in the bed which leads to one of the most disgusting yet hilarious moments of gross out comedy. The film also has some genuinely quite scary and horrifying moments, the most infamous is the famous baby crawl that is genuinely very scary. The writing here is also fantastic as I mentioned this film is able to be both hilarious and disgustingly raw and gritty at the same time. The biggest thing I was suprised about watching Trainspotting is just how fantastic it is technically. This was made for a minuscule budget so it is suprising just how brilliant the technical aspects are. The cinematography is fantastic, there are lots of unique shots and camera movements. The film also looks fantastic and perfectly captures the dingy and decrepit atmosphere of Edinburgh. The editing is also fantastic, the way the film cuts scenes together is so brilliantly done. The way the story at time goes back and forth in time points is also very well done and the film is never confusing. The use of songs and music are also brilliant and all fit perfectly with the film and the narrative. The only real flaw I had with Trainspotting is a times the thick Scottish accents can make the dialogue a bit difficult to comprehended but that's it. To be honest Trainspotting is such a good film that there is so much to talk about but I really don't want to ruin any of it. Overall Trainspotting is not just one of the best movies of the 1990's it's one of the best movies of all time! An absolute masterpiece with very few flaws that is just so brilliant and so darkly funny. Absolutely loved it go out and see it. A+

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