Champagne Charlie

Champagne Charlie

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This is the story of the Charles Heidsieck who opened the market for Champagne sales in America just prior to the American Civil War. He is a reluctant French spy and is captured and spends... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pete S (gb) wrote: It's a grueling little noirish thriller with slasher-worthy gore. This is a train wreck that is difficult to turn away from. Apparently 'based on a true story', the premise is bazarre to say the least.

Johnny B (br) wrote: The word craptastic comes to mind, but that be too much of a compliment. In fairness though it COULD have been rather good.

Joe L (br) wrote: I love this movie, great war impression

Kevin L (ag) wrote: A delightful family movie, despite its inferior visuals

Avid C (gb) wrote: Groove is the perfect rave in the sense that it's not commercial, it's from the fringe by locals, there's no alcohol, it's small, and everybody is having fun. However, nothing is perfect and so the night goes...The good. Excellent music. You meet almost every kind of raver. The characters are nice, well developed, and acted just right. Each scene has something special and represent a usual occurrence in a rave. You can feel the ecstasy taking hold, and you can live the tracks as if you were dancing the floor. The dialogs, interactions, actions, reactions, settings, and costumes are very realistic.The bad. Nothing.The ugly. Nothing.The result. If you've ever experienced a rave, after seeing this, you'll be looking for your next one.

Sarajuan G (ru) wrote: want to find it to purchase it holds a memory of someone.

Gloria S (br) wrote: Brutally realistic, good performances, and definitely a movie to keep in mind, not for the traditional stuff we look for in a movie, but for the cruel depressive lifestyle these poor boys live in. Child/juvenile male prostitution is the hardest subjetc to digest when we talk bout' the rotten sides of society, in my opinion =(

Sven M (jp) wrote: Actually a damn good film about a bunch of mates and what can happen on a night out

Julien G (br) wrote: Le scnario est pas mal pour l'poque. Wes Craven est un vrai p'tit bout-en-train!!!

Thomas B (au) wrote: Fun, fast and very funny. Full review later.

Christine P (ag) wrote: Classic hollywood starring Robert Mitchum as a medical student struggling to make ends meet. He marries a hard-working nurse, played by the lovely Oliva de Haviland, so that he can afford tuition. Problem is, she really loves him, and he just wants to use her. Mitchum plays the not-so-nice guy role eerily well. Frank Sinatra steals many scenes as Mitchum's med school classmate who's in it for the pretty nurses and fat paychecks and who gets an allowance from his rich father. I'm not sure, but I have a feeling this film may have been groundbreaking at the time (1955) for showing a real/fake? heart beating during surgery, as well as a medical team handling a trauma in the hospital. Black & white with nice musical score.

Dave J (us) wrote: Thursday, February 25, 2010 (1936) Come And Get It ROMANTIC/ DRAMA There's an assumption that's been built surrounding black and white films that because they're old, that the characters wouldn't consist any relatable characters because of the times that it was made. But if anybody were to decide to watch this film, I know a great deal of people who could relate to the situation the central character had to make of deciding whether he should marry for love and be unwealthy OR marry for the convenience of money without actually being in love. This film deals with this kind of dilemma very well with another satisfying conclusion. Anybody familar with director Howard Hawks other work will love this film too!! 4/4

Peter S (it) wrote: Wow, what an all around perfect film. The performances are top notch, the script is as clever as any Quentin Tarantino film and the characters themselves are fascinating. You will be on the edge of your seat perplexing who could have stolen the leads. It is a very quick hour and 40 minutes, so hold on because it's a wild ride. All around not to be missed, unless you can't stand movies without sex, drugs and violence or don't like hearing constant strong profanity.