Champions Forever

Champions Forever


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:boxing,   interview,   boxer,  

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Champions Forever torrent reviews

Jonathan K (fr) wrote: when you watch the movie you will realize the author is trying to say something that you do not understand. this is a comic adaption and pretty well made and follows the comic well but story is not complete. it will leave you dangling asking for answer. none the less story is involved enough it allows you to fill in the blanks. i ended up reading the comic and sadly comic left you dangling too.

Kyle A (jp) wrote: Thought it would be a lot better than it was, but still has some nice, tense moments.

Craig Dylan W (gb) wrote: I've seen plenty of superhero movies in my time, but what these self described "plain" or "simple" folks do takes more strength and courage than all of them put together. These people are not "plain"; they are not "simple". They are my superheros.

Madeline T (de) wrote: Terrible - the main character was completely unlikeable and remained that way throughout the whole movie. It might have been better if he went through some sort of change, even a minor one.

Princess S (it) wrote: Lol confusing... There are some of the same actors as the first one but they have changed some.. Lost weight.. lol and then some of the actors dont fit the same roles as the first one.. I don't know.. Just makes it to confusing. But putting that aside I still think its entertaining... Funny how the start off both movies with a sex scene!. Now I am starting to think they filmed the 2nd one before the 1st one?

Simon P (ca) wrote: Russ Meyer meets Sam Raimi in Tromaville.

Samantha G (kr) wrote: A fun little romantic comedy with brains and great acting. It's predictable as other romantic movies but it has a different way of going about it. Bullock is great after she doesn't have the buck teeth anymore and Donavan is alright as the leading man but Bullock stands out for me. Some great lines in there too. Fun film for a Friday date night.

Paul L (jp) wrote: A classic for anyone in the workforce. Everyone has or will have a boss and coworkers like this group. Great one liners. Love it!

Al P (it) wrote: You havent seen Avanti? Youre Lost.

David S (fr) wrote: Based on a true story of Alaskan State Troopers trying to solve the case of serial killer Robert Hansen. I thoroughly enjoyed this crime thriller (as I do many) from start to finish. Nicolas Cage and John Cusack are awesome as Jack Halcombe (Cage) and Hansen (Cusack). Cusack's depiction of Hansen was so methodical and he can really pull off the twisted individual very well. Vanessa Hudgens was also very good and the rest of the cast is stellar. I kind of laughed at 50 Cents character though lol. Seeing him with long, straight hair was pretty funny. The cinematography was also great. I love films that have a snowy setting. All in all, I thought The Frozen Ground was a pretty good film

Chris D (it) wrote: Never read the book but the movie itself was ok.

Sam E (kr) wrote: Capricorn One had a cool plot and was quite well-done. The mystery and suspense behind the entire conspiracy was accurately captured as well. The film, however,fell short on Bru Baker's co-astronauts; both men lacked any real character development and their roles ended abruptly. It would have been better to see more teamwork in their inevitable escape.