'Chance' is a black comedy about how hard it is to find "the one". Mostly told from the point-of-view of a young, sexually aggressive woman, named Chance, whom according to her: "we're all out there looking for true love", which turns out to be a very elusive thing indeed, and Chance is no exception. She's desperately on the prowl for a man, but since she's more mouse than cat, she gets herself into scrape after scrape in her screwball pursuit of love. Surrounded by a bevy of adoring but completely wrong-for-her men (and one dead girl from Manchester, England), Chance has to pick her way through her messy life in order to figure out which guy is "it".

A young woman tries to find the right man to be with while dealing with her own life and family problems. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric H (mx) wrote: Some have suggested that Red2 is better than Red. However, I had the opposite reaction. I was hoping for an intelligent script interlaced with some good humor. For me, Red2 had neither. Rather, it focused on an endless parade of unrealistic car chases, gun fights, hand-to-hand combat and pyrotechnics. If that's your recipe for a good movie, you'll enjoy Red2. However, if you're looking for a thoughtful, sophisticated crime drama with originality, Red2 is not for you. It simply serves up a huge plate of the same action clichs you've seen numerous times before. Plus, it's a shame that the acting talents of Helen Mirren and Anthony Hopkins were wasted on Red2. There are no surprises here. Red2 is quite predictable. You won't be sitting on the edge of your seat.

Jason B (fr) wrote: Not the worst of the series.

Brian C (au) wrote: this was actually a really good movie. had it been fiction, it wouldn't have been nearly as entertaining. bud bundy played a good part, and it was directed well.

AD V (it) wrote: 'That's So Raven' meets hallucinatory drugs. While the ending threw me (I thought it was going somewhere else) there are no other surprises in this rather slow, uninvolving nearly bloodless thriller. And yeah I get it's about tripping but after awhile the hallucinations become very tiresome.

Logan C (ru) wrote: I want to see this even though it got horrible reviews. Just want to judge the movie for myself

JoEy M (mx) wrote: Not the best animated Scrooge. Neither is it faithful, but I guess it keeps the kids entertained.

Coxxie M (br) wrote: Probably the funniest movie i've seen at this point of my existence. probably the funniest movie you will see this week if you pull your head from your ass and give it the same fair chance you gave to I Am Number Four. Vince Vaughn looks cool in any suit. he makes the word "fuck" sound like poetry to my ears. Jon Favrauaeuraue needs to stop dicking around with directing action movies and comic book bullshit and write another script. Faizon love has comedic timing because he is a a real actor and not another fat, bald, black man picked from a club in L.A. to be in films. i would be honored if Peter Falk asked me to shave his wrinkled balls for two bucks at a Republican rally because he is a real actor in a sea of imposters. jesus man, even P. Diddy has a few funny moments. and the little girl never laughs at Vince Vaughn and neither does anyone else which means... what? That this movie knows his character is a prick and does not know he is funny which creates tension and then sympathy for the other characters which is why a man falling on something and getting his balls hurt and going, "mother-- ooohoooo!" has not made me laugh in quite a while.

Casey N (jp) wrote: Good Movie ! A Must see !

Jordan W (es) wrote: Pretty good. I think they did a fine job of not making fun of types of people. When they could have easily been offensive to almost everyone. Mostly it is just about friends doing things for you and acceptance. Hey why not?

Dedmeet C (jp) wrote: An amazingly well made and acted (what a cast) mystery / contemporary sci fi / thriller. They took a good idea for a plot - time travel - and really made the most of it. A future classic - pun intended... ;-)

Kristina K (gb) wrote: after I had rented that movie I was afraid of watching it because I expected a bad b-movie - I love vampires. surprisingly Dracula captured me immediately! because it is only "based on" Bram Stoker's Dracula I didn't have any problems with the fact that there are characters missing or added. the whole movie was pure fun. Marc Warren as Dracula was sexy for me, even the wizened-greenish-before-I-drank-blood-Dracula succeeded in transferring a sex-appeal (later: black hair and blond breast hairs - unbelievably great). Sophia Myles who I know from the vampire series Moonlight was great, too, and looks very sexy in vintage dresses. luckily there is no disgusting splatter. the actors are very good, Van Helsing is just sweet. There is a pinch of erotic and some shocking moments. one time I even screamed although I never do that when I watch a movie alone. very often I got goose bumps (sometimes erotic, sometimes horror, sometimes because of monumentality). a very impressive movie! ps: in my family I am infamous for the fact that I like movies which nobody else likes. They just touch me.

Mateo S (br) wrote: Good: Helen Mirren, Anthony Hopkins, the man the movie is about, James D'ArcyBad: Script, Scarlett Johansenn, Jessica Biel, plot, lack of intrigue/imagination/anything actually interesting, potential of what could have been