Chandramukhi is a remake of malayalam movie Manichitrathazhu. The Story about Senthil and Ganga who marry against the wishes of their extended family, and move into a mansion right next to where the cousin intended as Senthil's bride Shweta lives. Several members of Shweta's family are miffed at Senthil's

Creepy happenings in an abandoned mansion are attributed to the ghost of an ancient courtesan, back for revenge . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John P (jp) wrote: Decent movie about a director who wore out his welcome 34 years ago. Honestly, the original Dawn of the Dead, to me, is his masterpiece. It cannot be debated, though, the influence of Night, and the fact that he is the inventor of the zombie genre.

Mike C (fr) wrote: Almost a 9/10, maybe even a 10/10. Maybe it tried too hard to be cute and fantastical. Maybe that is part of the allure. I don't like the title and I thought it was an Iranian movie, but it's actually by all accounts a French movie set in Iran. And it's quite good.Amalric is Nasser-Ali, a violin player who is looking to replace his broken violin. We're not sure how it was broken, but we soon learn he cannot replace it and decides to die instead. And we know he will, in fact, be dead and buried in eight days. The story is those eight days and all the flashbacks that tell the story of Nasser Ali and his violin and the deaths of both.Amalric was the blinking guy in The Diving Bell in the Butterfly. I thought he looked familiar, but truly, in Diving Bell, he's mostly just a face. And he pulls off both roles. Other than that, the movie is just pretty great. I'm a bit surprised it was not a Foreign Film Oscar candidate. The story has an epic quality but is not forced, and there are many artistic liberties in the film that really give it a nice touch. Ebert gave it four stars (out of four) and I can agree with that.

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Onkel B (de) wrote: Green screen at it's best.

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