Change of Plans

Change of Plans

Sally and Jason Danville's life are turned upside down when a tragic accident suddenly names them the caretakers of four young children.

Sally and Jason Danville's life are turned upside down when a tragic accident suddenly names them the caretakers of four young children. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David L (jp) wrote: Bided some time, but nothing much to recommend here. All centres around a group of military soldiers who are sent to guard a road in the desert (which i don't think exists), only to get bored on their travels and shoot a statue. This supposedly releases a djinn, which can take the form of a human lifeform, that then stalks the group up until a highly predictable ending. The film starts with a shot of the end sequence, so you know who supposedly survives within 5 minutes, and this spoils the plot somewhat, as you can predict the ending very easily. I got completely lost midway through this, as although it may have been the idea to baffle the viewers with the uncertainty surrounding the djinn's lifeform, it made it difficult to follow, and not very thrilling (especially with the multiple flashbacks that kept occuring). It wasn't scary, or gruesome, but just a tame horror which went through the motions of whittling the cast down from 7 to 1 in an uneventful 90 mins. Only the acting provided a positive note to this film.

Michael M (jp) wrote: Love should b easy!!!

Patrick F (it) wrote: this was a great drama hats off to evan ross ma nigga u did yo thang an hope to see some more good films and people its called reality people live dis shyt everyday just cause yall ain gotta taste of it dont meen it ain there shit dis world is cruel an yall captured da hood well ..... one

Richard R (ag) wrote: Although it has an original and creepy premise it never quite builds into anything memorable or more than a few jump scares (which are not all that scary either).

Cristina U (kr) wrote: SUPER --- "Ce que tu donnes, Momo, c'est toi pour toujours; ce que tu gardes, c'est perdu jamais !"

Aleria H (br) wrote: ive seen this already but I might have to rewatch it to refresh my memory of what happened to Joshua :p

Byron B (ca) wrote: nominated for best foreign film at the oscars

Emily the F (ru) wrote: It's animated and it's rated PG, but it might be disturbing to some kids, and plus, it's by the guy who made the Fritz the Cat movie! And everyone knows how extreme that was..

Private U (mx) wrote: Awful. Lead cannot act.....plot was stupid, dialogue trite throughout and really just sad in places.....avoid.

Tasos L (it) wrote: In the last half there is one of the best gunfightings i've ever seen..

Janice E (au) wrote: A sweet, nostalgic film that delivers a poignant message about being "different", dignity, respect, and standing up for yourself and "What You Are". Set in 1965, the film revolves around an eight grade class. Reminiscent of "Wonder Years" and surprisingly powerful in it's message. Ed Harris gives a beautiful performance as the teacher who, above all, teaches his students the true meaning of character.