Chaos, This Is

Chaos, This Is

Egyptian movie deals with the issue of corruption in Egypt and the Egyptian police excesses, embodies all of this in the character of the police officer, "Hatem".

Choubra, cosmopolitan neighborhood of Cairo. Hatem, maggoty police officer, handles this neighborhood with an iron hand. Every single citizen fears and hates him. Only Nour, a young woman ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mstislav K (de) wrote: Well, it could we worse than it actually is, however, it's bad, like Alexander Nevsky's trying to make a "historical drama". The face of Nicholas Cage turns all the "dramatic" and "pompous" moments to funny. The stolen scenes and elements of plotline from "Pearl Harbor"... Seriously? The best moments are actually the documentary "footage" and the interviews of the survivors. Well, at least, they were real. Visual effects deserve individual "prize".

Wes S (br) wrote: Predictable, as it's not much different from most of these low-budget monster movies. Stale characters, open plot ends, and a slim story. The dinosaur is ultimately the best thing about the movie, but even then it's not so impressive. The film still manages to maintain some fun though.

Judy M (it) wrote: We would rate it no stars at all if that were an option. A really bad movie except for the dog who we thought did a really good job.

Bobby N (ag) wrote: Loved it. True fans would appreciate this film more then the average Joe.

Arun D (jp) wrote: Is this an Indian movie ?Everything about this movie is top notch. Right from the direction to the sets, its stunning. The screenplay is impeccable & the cinematography couldn't get better. The visuals are delightful. The music score is like Emosanal Attyachar \m/The dialogues are perfect, used in a really vulgar tone.

Matty S (es) wrote: At times interesting, but most of the time simply dull. This is not one of the stronger moments in the "mumblecore" genre.

Bob M (nl) wrote: This movie scarred me.

Jenna I (ag) wrote: There is something mesmerizing about how wooden Steven Seagal is... especially when he's running. I was more impressed with his ability to speak four languages than I was with the action

Adam T (it) wrote: The Ian Fleming novel of You Only Live Twice was one of his most interesting. It featured a castle-bound villain who tended to his garden of exotic, deadly plants to dispose of trespassers, wearing a suit of armour to protect himself. Meanwhile, Bond is ridden with amnesia and becomes a liability to the secret service. Sadly, none of these elements were used in the film treatment- Despite the hiring of the highly imaginative children's writer Roald Dahl to pen the script. What results is a cliched, clumsy travelogue of Japan helped little by Connery's laziest performance as the iconic superspy. The revisionists will argue it's merits in the afirmative and if that is the case maybe we can re-appraise some of the Moore episodes!

Erin D (ru) wrote: conflicted film with a sad ending. not your tramp film.

Richard D (ag) wrote: The Wachowskis take a noir plot and make the central romatic relationship a lesbian relationship. Does it change much about the plot? No, not really. It adds a few subtle differences to how some scenes resonate, but making Gina Gershon's character female changes very little. That's fine, because the film doesn't rely very much on this gimmick. It's an extremely clever and tightly plotted film that's rewarding as one of the finest examples of neo noir. It's pretty much the Wachowski's best film. They never wrote a screenplay this well again.

Cody M (gb) wrote: Populated with outstanding performances.

Miguel A (mx) wrote: Os momentos fabulosos de ski a alta velocidade no bastam para camuflar um filme que deixa demasiadas pontas soltas sem resoluo. O Robert Redford (C) sempre uma presena capaz de transmitir o tipo de confiana que esperamos de um desportista de alta competio decidido a vencer tudo e todos. 3,5