Semi-autobiographical story of Conrad Rooks, who travels to France to undergo a drug-withdrawal cure. Flashbacks to the beginings of psychedelia in San Fran.

Semi-autobiographical story of Conrad Rooks, who travels to France to undergo a drug-withdrawal cure. Flashbacks to the beginings of psychedelia in San Fran. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dallin H (ca) wrote: It was not as good as the first one

David S (nl) wrote: Despues de ver esta movie igual y si seria muy divertida trbajr de conejo de pascua!!icnognicamente sorprendente!! muy buen amoviee canadiense

Philip S (jp) wrote: A pretty f*cking boring film, really. It is what it is. A simple, obvious, straightforward examination of the F word, with opinions (against a black backdrop) from celebrities and lobbyists. You aren't likely to learn anything new from watching this movie (except maybe what famous person was caught using the word at some time) so save yourself the time (90 minutes that feels like 9 hours). At one point, Kevin Smith commends the creators of "Meet The Fockers" for their use of the name and thus drawing $500M worth of viewers to the cinema. The same could be said for this film: were it not for the title, would anyone notice this "documentary"?

Harry W (ag) wrote: Notorious for being considered one of the worst films of all time, Mac and Me sounded like a potentially hilarious product of terrible cinema. Mac and Me has gained recognition for being both a rip-off of E.T. the Extra-terrestrial (1982) and for being a film flooded with obvious product placement for some unhealthy American food products. In terms of the former, Mac and Me takes the entire premise of an alien visiting a lonely young boy. This time around the boy is disabled, though it is of essentially no relevance to the film. Rather than following the science fiction wonder of a film about an alien, Mac and Me follows the path of a ridiculous 80's family comedy movie. The science fiction element mostly comes from when the film randomly cuts away to show actors in poorly-designed alien costumes holding their hands in a certain position and letting out a loud whistle as if to imply communication. There is a modicum of life in the work of Alan Silvestri's musical score who captures the lighthearted nature of the film and some of its fantasy elements with a well-composed 80's theme, but he escapes the production of Mac and Me as the only one to be proud of any work on the production. The worst element of Mac and Me's insistence on plagiarism comes from the ending scene where Mac escapes with Protagonist Eric Cruise in a chase scene where he is pursued on his wheelchair across many streetsAfter a series of poor gags to cover the intro and some clear signs of the weak script, Mac and Me turns into a slow film where the audience is left to wait for everyone to discover the existence of Mac. It's difficult to figure out among the slow-moving narrative precisely where the jokes are meant to be, but I can certainly admit I never found myself laughing. I wasn't even laughing at how bad the film was because it was so awfully slow moving that there was nothing remotely energetic about it. There is no drama in the film and no jokes, so it's essentially just an awkward and repetitive story about an alien running rampant around like a problem child even though he has the power to manipulate electricity.Since the entire production is actually bereft of any story sensibility or plot dynamics, that leaves it to be purely a venture of style. Even though Stuart Rafill has no eye for imagery and cannot implement decent puppetry, costumes or visual effects, he manages to give some memorable images to Mac and Me. Never have I seen another film in history which is more blatant with its product placement. With the titular character being named after a McDonald's product, it is obvious from the beginning where the financing for Mac and Me came from. The script in the film claims that the alien is referred to as Mac because it is an anagram for "Mysterious Alien Creature", but the amount of time Big Macs are referenced in the script makes the relevance of this all too obvious. Then again, nothing is in disguise about the vanity of Mac and Me's commercialism. Mac consumes Coca-Cola and Skittles as his only source of sustenance, and it's difficult to find a scene in the film where a Coke Can or Skittles Packet does not make an appearance. And for some reason which is the most senseless moment in what I'm hoping I've already established is a film way beyond the concept of ridiculous, there is a big song-and-dance number in a McDonalds where Ronald McDonald comes to life and performs alongside a large group of young people. Completely collapsing the entire illusion of narrative despite it being already lacklustre, Mac and Me devolves from a feature length commercial disguised as a film into an actual commercial where flashy dance moves and 80's music which are meant to be entrancing for some reason. The relentless lack of sensibility in this entire scene just manages to cause everything else the film has been building towards to actually crash right there and then, yet the audience is still left with a third of the film to tolerate. Perhaps the irony of this entire scene is that the cast of dancers are performing in a feature where the protagonist is a paraplegic and so he is unable to join in. This just seemed to slip past everybody's mind during the production of Mac and Me, but considering nobody questioned any of the other senseless elements of the film along the way it is.Mac and Me isn't funny or touching, nor bad enough to be good. Most of all It's rather creepy due to the strange behaviour of the Aliens who somehow prove capable of stretching their limbs beyond sensibility or turning into limp ragdolls at times. As a result, I would not suggest that Mac and Me is even for the least demanding child viewers.Even the cast of Mac and Me succumb to the lifelessness of the material.Jade Calegory has only ever acted in the one film, and Mac and Me is far from something he would want to credit that to. Despite having a handsome smile and facing no challenges in his wheelchair, Mac and Me's script is so repetitive that it has him do nothing but whine the entire film, and so any sense of likability or sympathy for him goes straight out the door. Jade Calegory later found a career path in photography and the arts, so it's good that he recognized acting is not his speciality. Considering that Jonathan Ward who portrays his character's older brother retired ten years later, and nobody has ever heard of Lauren Stanley, it's safe to say that the cast of Mac and Me were sensible enough to realize their limits even though Christine Epersole still has a decent career in performing.Mac and Me lives up to its legacy as a feature length commercial in the form of an E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial rip-off but has a script so blunt with its lacklustre quality that it ends up a slow and boring attempt at a family comedy without being bad enough to be good.

Johnny T (ru) wrote: Bold, uncompromising and completely compelling filmmaking. Woodward delivers a fine performance as the soft-spoken commander, Brown is effectively hot-tempered and Fitz-Gerald is terrifically nave. Breaker Morant is a top-notch film about an injustice in the annals of military history. The performances are superb, as it's hardly possible not to be affected by the execution of the soldiers. It's deservedly one of the most acclaimed Australian films. The title is derived from one of the accused nicknamed for being a horse breaker. Breaker Morant is a top-notch film centered around the court-martial of three Australian soldiers from a British combat unit who allegedly shot to death a handful of Boers and a German missionary in revenge for the murder and mutilation of the unit's captain. VERDICT: "Full Price" - My second highest rating (Positive to Mixed reaction). This is a rating to a movie I view as very entertaining and well made, and definitely worth paying the full price at a theatre to see or own on DVD. It is not perfect, but it is definitely excellent.

Nick W (it) wrote: This movie is so stupid and corny it's a blast! In the last(one presumes) in the AIRPORT series, a Concorde flight carrying American and Russian Olympic athletes and gymnasts is shot at with a TV-guided missile, almost blown up by an Airfix F4 Phantom and lands into nets at PAris, then the cargo door blows off, jettisoning the luggage(your bags are much safer in Terminal 5 then, hee hee) and casuing the plane to rip into pieces . . . on board are the usual nuts, the woman with a live heart for her dying boy's transplant(actress Cicely Tyson must have been desperate for the money to do this role), a Russian gymnast in love with an Amrican reporter called, wait for it, Robert Palmer!!!(he's Addicted to Love one assumes) - an incontinent old woman who runs to the loo when the Concorde does evasive action against heatseeking missiles and flies upside down(honestly)- NOT a good idea! And junkie saxophonist Jimmie Walker, a singer who's character name is Gretchen Carter . . . inspired! Who's flying the plane? None other than George Kennedy as Joe PAtroni, Alain Delon as the copilot who is in love with air hostess Sylvia ('Emannuelle')Kristel(who keeps her clothes on in this movie, but she was still fit in her prime) and flight engineer David Warner - who got decapitated in THE OMEN! An all star cast who needed the money!! But the film's best features, especially on a 42 inch plasma TV, are the shots of the Concorde at PAris Charles De Gaulle taxiing, landing and taking off, and some nice aerial footage which does make up for the Airfix model scenes!!! Interestingly, the plane used in the movie, F-BTSC, is the one which crashed in Paris in 2000. One wonders with all the remakes about in the cinema these days we will see an AIRPORT 2009 - yes, you're on a flight from London to LA, someone's smuggled snakes on board, there's no Samuel L Jackson to yell he's had enough of them, there's an annoying kid in the next seat, a couple having a lovers tiff, a kidney patient, a nun with a guitar, then hijackers threaten to crash you into Washington with a nuke on board, Bruce Willis tries to save the day in his vest, the pilots are dead or immobilized, the plane's going into the ocean, but guess what . . . YOUR BAGGAGE IS STILL IN TERMINAL 5 AND WE RAN OUT OF COFFEE! AAAAARRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!(entire plane screams in terror!!!) . . . ominous music!!

Stephen M (fr) wrote: Not only was Nothing Sacred the first Technicolor screwball comedy, it's also the only colour movie Carole Lombard ever made, so it pains me to confess that I'd probably like it better if it'd been shot in black & white! Doubtless viewed at the time as adding a touch of class, the colour photography is drab and does nothing for the picture, and the sets are equally ugly. I cannot think of this film without bringing to mind a particularly sickly shade of blue!The tastelessness of the central conceit - country girl, misdiagnosed with terminal radium poisoning, shams illness to enjoy an all-expenses-paid trip to New York - ensures that the movie retains a freshness, despite the fact that some of the gags have not aged so well. In particular, the sequence where the nightclub emcee introduces the "Heroines of History" is fairly excruciating, and I'm usually also able to restrain my mirth when Fredric March socks Lombard on the jaw, though the rest of that scene is hilarious. My only criticism of the excellent cast is that the usually brilliant Sig Ruman is badly wasted as Emil Eggelhoffer, the expert on radium poisoning who exposes Lombard; he is far funnier in Billy Wilder's The Fortune Cookie, playing practically the same part. Some of the dialogue is priceless! My favourite exchange: - HAZEL FLAGG: You know, I'm not going to bed until I have convulsions and my teeth start falling out! That's when I begin worrying? Is it, Enoch? - DR ENOCH DOWNER: It's as good a time as any.

aaron w (fr) wrote: why is this movie so long

Ian W (br) wrote: Nowhere near as good as the first two. Sad really, but to be expected. The fourth movie won't be that good either then I guess.

Red L (ca) wrote: A made-for-TV whodunit. It is always fun to try and figure out who the killer will be before the movie tells you

Matt M (nl) wrote: A man is haunted by his wife's presence following her death. There is no doubt that most of the seriousness that surrounds this Roger Corman movie based on a short story by Edgar Allan Poe seems a little out of place. However, Price turns in a great performance in the lead role that is perhaps among his best and most unsung. Furthermore, the film is particularly inspired in some great moments, with some great photography that helps build a sinister atmosphere.