Set in Post World War II Britain, chronicles the rise and fall of real life British crime lord Charlie Richardson.

Luke Goss teams up with Steven Berkoff to tell the real life story of 'Charlie Richardson', the head of the notorious 'Torture gang'... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darryl S (it) wrote: Fascinating and emotionally triumphant! One of the best documentaries I've ever seen, and not because of any fancy filmmaking, but because Rodriguez is a truly humble being.

David P (kr) wrote: Outstanding! Uplifting and hilarious.

Carla D (us) wrote: I was entertained!!! :)

Mariana A (es) wrote: Perhaps I just haven't seen enough Hitchock films to appreciate it, though I imagine that even were that the case it'd still be a rather flimsy tribute. I also found the dubbing annoying. I was hoping for Italian.

Skyler B (kr) wrote: Why, if Hulk Hogan "knows best" did he make this movie?

Wesley S (ca) wrote: Umberto Lenzi creates the cannibal subgenre of exploitation films with this wonderful (and surprisingly touching) take on Dances With Wolves (only with cannibal folk instead of Native Americans).

Vincent P (mx) wrote: Pretty sharp early take on the science-run-amok tale.

Don S (fr) wrote: An early John Wayne western similar in all aspects to the others of the era: simple story with basic plot, no character development, poor acting and horribly unbelievably fight scenes. How Wayne got beyond these to become a star is beyond me.

Nicholas I (au) wrote: Dumb and Dumber 2: Where do I start?? This sequel is lightyears better than its spinoff starring not jim carrey and not jeff daniels. The Farrelly brothers are back behind the camera but their welcome back is short lived as this movie is filled with numerous flat jokes and a predictable plot. Carrey and Daniels are mediocre in their reprised roles and their supporting cast is game but they have no script to work with. I laughed a few times but as a whole I was thoroughly disappointed with the film. Watch or Pass? Pass definitely.

Meow T (ag) wrote: Surprisingly good movie that started a great franchise.

Aaron S (it) wrote: Could not even make it all the way through this movie, which is rare for me, normally I will watch anything at least once.

Paul C (mx) wrote: Filmed from '72 to '77 and forgotten. Finally released in 2003. A low-budget horror flick with a decidedly off-beat premise. Very much of its era. Fun if you are in the right mood.