Charlie & Boots

Charlie & Boots

Paul Hogan plays Charlie McFarland and Shane Jacobson plays his estranged son, Boots. After a family tragedy Charlie and Boots try and put their differences aside and head off on the road trip of a lifetime - from regional Victoria to the Cape York Peninsula - they overcome many challenges to reach their dream - to fish off the northern most tip of Australia.

A father and son who travel from Victoria to Cape York to fulfill their lifelong ambition to fish off Australia's northern tip. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Charlie & Boots torrent reviews

Nicki M (kr) wrote: Great movie. Loved the relationship between the two best friends and how things change as they move along with their lives. Really relatable and well done. Very pleasantly surprised.

Niamath B (it) wrote: paisa vasool movie..

Wei C (ca) wrote: This movie is embarassingly childish and in general in poor taste. The director/writer does not seem to have any depth in writing, developing and making this film. Every character in this film is one dimensional. The last 10 minutes of the film is ridulous. It just repeating many of the earlier 'sentimental' scenes. I thought I was watching the 'extra feature' or 'trailer'.

Sue W (ag) wrote: Loved it, loved the the whole idea, and ESP the splitter, playlist date amazing.

Noah C (us) wrote: One big cliche moment.

David D (ru) wrote: Upside: lot of stars. Downside: almost everything else. Good for anyone who likes the occasional action gore film putting story second...or third...or fourth. Replay value: low

Krishnendu R (gb) wrote: doesn't makes any sense...Most of the time u got to see Keaton staring at the TV..nonsense thriller without any scares or meaning..!!!!

Gabriel B (br) wrote: L'histoire est pas trop mal, mais bon a part l'acteur principal, les autres jouent atrocement mal. Et la on se dit bah merde moi aussi je pourrais etre acteur, fastoche

Austin G (it) wrote: Think of it as a grittier Facing the Giants, but more fun to watch and less Jesus.

Craig W (mx) wrote: Not as good as i thought it'd be.

Steve S (us) wrote: *** (out of four) It is the summer of 1942 as we follow the offbeat family in Yonkers as they struggle with love and money. Irene Worth is especially wonderful in this film based on Niel Simon's Pulitzer Prize winning play.

Damien D (de) wrote: Not actually a very good movie, but a fairly compelling argument against collecting records or anything at all, and interesting if you're say a music freak.

Matthew D (br) wrote: A little clunky condensing as it does 20 years of comic history, exposition is necessary. An unfortunate, but inescapable outcome is that the surprise of the Red Hood's identity is taken away from the start. At least the opportunity is taken to streamline and enhance the story, one that is still filled with great character moments, action and an affecting climax.

Ro D (ru) wrote: Is one of the best movies i ever seen, is overwhelming

Brendan N (ru) wrote: great movie, reminded me a lot of wonder boys. not a perfect film but the characters are well developed and the story is genuine.