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Brandon P (de) wrote: Microcosm of just about everyone's high school experience

Steve C (gb) wrote: The women are smokin tho!

Greg R (ru) wrote: Meh. Stuff you already knew, if you had any street savvy at all

George W (kr) wrote: Thus begins the canonisation of the Blessed St. John of Lennon.Its a "Mom" movie made to pad out the afternoon TV schedule. A by the numbers sycophantic bus tour of Lennon's early life.That which made John Lennon in any way remarkable was his relationship with Paul McCartney and the music it produced. That complex and turbulent relationship is glossed over in favour of "A boy's best friend is his Mum and Aunty" gender politics slant."Roll up, Roll up, get your misty eyed chocolate flavoured pop corn here".

RajanSatish P (ru) wrote: The twist in climax was not satisfactory,but the movie keeps you engaged

Christopher B (gb) wrote: I loved this. So happy to have seen this in the theaters. If you are a Raimi fan, prepare to be amazed.

Dave J (ag) wrote: Wednesday, August 10, 2011 (2008) Midnight Movie HORROR Low budget feature film with some imaginative twists and turns despite some bad acting, about a lost particular horror film which was finally screened for horror fans, showcases a slasher who has the ability to come out on screen slashing the watching audience!! As I had mentioned, there's some unpredictable twists and turns that could be Twilight Zone-esque! 2.5 out of 4

Alexandra M (jp) wrote: um....average at the very least

Stuart K (ru) wrote: Directed by Ron Underwood (Tremors (1990), Mighty Joe Young (1998) and The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002)), this is a very funny and poignant comedic western which shows all the usual fish-out-of-water cliches, but it's a really good story of coming to terms with middle age, and finding yourself again. It's also the finest film of Billy Crystal, who comes up with some brilliant wisecracks throughout the film. Mitch Robbins (Crystal) has just turned 39, and he's dreading turning 40, however his two friends Phil Berquist (Daniel Stern) and Ed Furillo (Bruno Kirby) have always invited him on adventure holidays, and they've got a good one for his birthday this year, a cattle drive in New Mexico, the ranch is owned by Clay Stone (Noble Willingham), who literally shows them the ropes. They set off on the trip to Colorado with trail boss Curly Washburn (Jack Palance), who is tough as nails and is one of the last of a dying breed of cowboys. Mitch is terrified of him, but while rounding up some stray cattle, they get a chance to bond, and Curly teaches him about life. It's a very good film, made with good humour, as well as sincerity and heart, which a lot of comedies lack these days, Crystal gets all the best lines, but Palance steals the film for which he rightfully won an Oscar for, and it's well made too, with good epic vistas to look at.

A C (us) wrote: Even though I did enjoy this film, I admit that it was a bit strange, and by that I don't mean the plot at all, but the way it was made. I don't know, something was missing here. What could have been a great story with a "male Lolita" kind of love affair, turned out to be a job full of great, amazing actors not at their best. There was something weird about the lighting as well. I think the idea is brilliant, but something got in the way and the result is not as it coud have been. The story about an open minded couple finding out they are more average than they imagined and this so called male "Lolita" could have been a very cool, interesting and even erotic film. Again, something was missing here.

Joey T (nl) wrote: This movie has some of the best lines!

Ashik S (us) wrote: for ur information dis is d hindi remake of an old malayalam movie "Godfather"(sm 1980s smthin)(u vont get any information on it in flixters). d songs too r from different malayalam movies(not all).....d movie is gud n is worth many watches bcoz of d strong story

Simon M (jp) wrote: A very effective thriller.

Jamie B (jp) wrote: That last line though.

Greg B (br) wrote: It was an Ok movie, definitely nothing to brag about. However, after listening to the director's comments about squeezing time to make the movie, I believe at the most it deserves an average score.

Odeath S (es) wrote: This movie starts with no credits, no name rolls, we see the camera zooming into a trailer home and we move into the bedroom to find a couple, a girl actor who I have no idea who it is and HOLY SHIT !!! is that Tom Sizemore ??? this movie probably happened during his Detoxification for him being in this movie I am hoping for the best. So Tom Sizemore starts arguing with this girl who it has been revealed is in the body usage for profit trade ( a hooker ) and after more heated argument Tom Sizemore proceeds to do something I am sure he has done before in his life....he strangles the now we know that Tom Sizemore is a bad bad BBBBBAADDDD man.He then proceeds to take these twin babies who we assume were the kids from the recently defunct prostitute and takes them to his trailer home and gives them to this lady who we think its his girlfriend ?? sister ?? can't really tell.....and she of course is elated to have babies and proceeds to ask the logical question....where did you get them....Tom Sizemore just tells her to not ask him how he does things.......and nothing else gets mentioned about the matter.We now fast forward a few years....1996....and the girls are a bit older....they seem fine to me....they peek outside their trailer home to see Tom Sizemore standing over a metal looks to me he killed his girlfriend??? sister??? still can't really tell........a neighboor shows up and talks to Tom Sizemore about having him take the girls to a pool party and Tom says that those kids are not his and that he wants nothing to do with we are stablishing him being an abusive man to these girls......but then we see Tom Sizemore give these girls a sandwich....does the scary face and tells them to never leave, and right around hereis when this movie completely derrailed for me.The girls are playing when they accidentally knock a gas lamp and they set the trailer home on fire - Tom Sizemore dies in the fire and we are to assume the girls got killed too as they both scream and the screen fades to black which you know is the universal sign that we are to assume something bad happened.The movie now tells me we are in present day......and the movie switches to this girl who is escaping the wrath of her abusive boyfriend and she moves to the rural area where the trailer home of Tom Sizemore used to be....we see her hearing sounds of little girls whispering things to her.....and then the movie becomes your usual borefest of random people walking around the area where the girls and Tom Sizemore died and they get chased by something and they it a ghost ??? is it the ghost of a vengeaful Tom Sizemore !!! ??? !!!Let me cut to the dont see Tom Sizemore ever againThe girls didn't die.....they grew up and became the killers ???The abusive girlfriend joins one of the sisters after one gets shotThe sister that gets shot survives and a woman who claims to be the sister of their mother shows up and tries to bond with the sister who got shot who is now behind bars when a photographer shows up and starts taking pictures and then proceeds to chomp the skin off this woman....and then the movie ends.......Ummm - at least the movie looks really good since it was shot using a Digital camera...which is awesome for a film that takes place in the woods but its really bad when you see a digital effect because it REALLY looks obvious.Awesome to watch if you are 6 tequila shots in.