Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin


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Andrew K (nl) wrote: Brilliant doco about W.Indies cricket.

Laura M (kr) wrote: Entertaining action ridiculousness.

Dave W (kr) wrote: For a big budget super hero movie, there is something subtle about Batman Begins. The pacing is steady and the character transformation of Bruce Wayne in to Batman is given time to develop. The shots of the city and infrastructure of Gotham help paint the picture of the fantasy world while offering foreshadowing of events to come later in the movie, and later on in the series. The bad guys are also more subtle than in other super hero movies. The psychedellic elements of The Scarecrow character add a touch of horror to a franchise that is often considered dark, but in different ways.

Nate T (ru) wrote: Well done but wildly uneven film with great acting, which compensates for the unevenness of the film. Rowlands and Cassavetes are in top form here. It is now thankfully part of The Criterion Collection.

Cheryl L (de) wrote: A bit slow in places but a good ending.

Wade H (br) wrote: Needless profanity. It kinda felt like a compilation of random unconnected scenes. An adult lived then died, but still, there should've been none at all.

Spenser S (mx) wrote: Totally good movie. Romantic and action filled! Really neatly filmed for a Classic! Definitely could beat out Pirates of the Caribbean! Loved this movie!

Allen O (kr) wrote: Another 80's classic!

Galvy F (kr) wrote: When we all wish we had the intelligence to know everything from the thing we want but unsure if that person has it. If we can just instantly manufacture ourselves to be that instant ideal mate by constantly surveillance & research. We need to combat with Love to conqueror love. Standing on top of love's peak in accomplishment.