Charlie Murphy: I Will Not Apologize

Charlie Murphy: I Will Not Apologize

Charlie Murphy: I Will Not Apologize is a live stand-up performance by Murphy in Boston. During his 1-hour set, Charlie covers a spectrum of topics, such as a discussing the male ego as well as a politically incorrect bit about people, including a certain former president of the United States, that he believes are "functionally retarded." He also does an amusing re-enactment of some scenes from 300. Murphy goes on to criticize the usual rehabilitation treatments ensuing from celebrity meltdowns (e.g., Mel Gibson and Michael Richards), arguing that an experience with Jigsaw from Saw is the only way to cure these people of their prejudices. Sticking with celebrities, he claims that Britney Spears's strange behaviour in 2007-08 was caused by her being possessed by the spirit of Rick James. In addition, Charlie hits on reality television, making fun of the courage (or lack thereof) of Dog the Bounty Hunter as well as an obsession with The Dog Whisperer.

Charlie Murphy in his debut stand-up performance as he delivers as only he can - uncut and raw. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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