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  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:70 minutes
  • Release:2016
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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James R (jp) wrote: Really good cast here with a feel good story. The Hundred-Foot Journey is the story of a young man named Hassan (Manish Dayal) who along with his father Papa (Om Puri) and family move to France to open an Indian restaurant. Papa wants to open the spot in a lively place right across from one of the top restaurants in France owned and ran by Madam Mallory (Helen Mirren). Madam Mallory hates the fact that Papa has opened a restaurant across the street and see's it like its ruining the fine dining experience she's been working hard toward for many years. Hassan on the other hand is crazy good at making food. He infuses the traditional Indian spices and along with a fellow chef that works for Madam Mallory named Marguerite (Charlotte Le Bon) begins to perfect cooking. The two restaurants clash and go back and forth in a bitter rivalry, but soon enough the two realize that to work and be successful they have to set their differences aside. Hassan also learns a valuable lesson in remembering the past and to not forget where he comes from. I would say the firs 75% of the film is fantastic. It's light hearted at times, shot beautifully and there's so much color. The last quarter of the film is kind of the eventual wrap up of what's happened to everyone and at that time I felt like it rushes a bit too much. Hassan has changed and we see him within ten minutes go back to just how he was.I would have liked to see a bit more character development, but overall it's still a nice movie and I recommend giving it a look!

IOnell S (us) wrote: Una de las ltimas pelculas en las q actu Williams. No es una historia relevante, es predecible y simple pero se puede llegar a empatizar. Como se han hecho viejos estos actores.

bill s (gb) wrote: I hate when movies look so good early in but evaporate into the nothingness of cliche as the movie moves on.

Bruce R (kr) wrote: This is a beast of a Shakespeare adaptation. Surreal in places, but always imaginative and engaging - at times, quite shocking. Hopkins on top form.

Phatt Matt C (au) wrote: The Greatest Mockumentary Ever Made Tells The Story Of N****s Wit Hats or N.W.H! The Rise & Fall Of Their Careers As A Group & Solo Artists Is One Of The Most Hilarious Storys Ever Told!!!

Nick B (fr) wrote: A truly terrible movie but its one of those movies that's so bad it's great and just really fun and funny to watch. Terrible acting and the fights scenes are pretty awful but a grey bad movie

Miguel A (au) wrote: Exerccio avant-garde japons lana algumas boas pistas sobre a morte e o trauma, mas aos poucos vai-se encaminhado para um estado de esprito arty que, neste caso, no resistiu muito bem ao tempo e difcil de ser mastigado.

Margarette L (es) wrote: So damn funny!! Tati taught you how to act!!

Chrisanne S (ca) wrote: With the added benefit of Powell who, as a side character, you really care about, this is one of their better ones. Fun to see Shemp. He was always my favorite stooge.

jay n (es) wrote: The film is dated but entertaining. Jimmy's on the right side of the law this time and as nimble as ever and the fantastic Ann Dvorak is wonderful in the smaller of the two women's roles. However Margaret Lindsay is terrible and arch as the female lead.

Michael W (kr) wrote: First things first, we are going to ignore the Lincoln's birthday sequence. It didn't happen... Ok? Let's get on to the review: This film is awesome! I love the dynamic between Crosby and Reynolds and I love hating Astaire (he's a lovable a**hole). It's a really fun set of performances, but unlike some other musicals of the era, I also really care about the characters and what's happening to the ridiculous notion of a Connecticut inn only open on holidays.

Aeshan W (ca) wrote: An entertaining gangster movie from the 30s. Great dialog and a pretty solid plot. Worth a watch for all you fans of crime-flicks.

David B (br) wrote: By a country mile Steven Segal's best movie, predictable, yes, but great fun. Segal is his usual wooden self, but the supporting cast of baddies led by Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey are great

Gretchen W (es) wrote: I watched this movie before I began my "Oscar Watch". What I do (because my opinion matters) lol. I watch all the movies to see if I agree with the nominations and winners. This year along with that there was some controversey about a snub toward Black movies and actor. Creed, Straight Out of Compton, Concussion, Chiraq and Beasts of No Nation with actors and actresses in those movies as well being snubbed. I was going to watch those movies anyway (except Chiraq I am still on the fence about watching that). I had already watched SOC. I havent watched Concussion, but I doubt seeing it would change my opinion..laughing at myself cuz people really care what I think.. Well I could have with the rest of my life with out those move scenes..but I am and will always be Blanchett biased. Movie was great..Nomination always deserved its Cate Blanchett! Rooney Mara's Oscar nod..deserved she did a good job!