Underground filmmakers Sarah Reed and Sadie Shaw make their feature-length debut with this brooding horror flick. Frustrated by the apathy all around her, a discontented young woman named Rosie lashes out with increasing violence in order to provoke a reaction from the deadness in her world. Using surreal imagery, this visually compelling film also explores the themes of alienation, isolation and the destructive nature of relationships.

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Charm torrent reviews

Karen N (br) wrote: Horrifyingly stupid! Was it supposed to be a comedy? No stars!

Mohamed A (ru) wrote: "Caramel" is about friendship. With a beautiful narration style, the movie focuses on the most ordinary and mundane people and follows them in their every day life. Although every one of them is dealing with significant challenges, a deep sense of love, friendship and social consciousness allows them to transcend their daily toils. The movie shatters any prejudices about sectarianism, Muslim versus Christian, young versus old, pro-West versus pro-Arab, and shows a Lebanese society where different cultures can hold on to their differing norms and traditions yet co-exist beautifully. This is the Lebanon I have always known. The movie helps dispel stereotypes about Middle-Easterners and promotes tolerance and friendship. Do not miss out on this great movie.

Turtleboy G (es) wrote: This is by far one of the worst movies ever made. It wasn't scary, funny, exciting, it was nothing! In about the last half hour, I was so excited that it was ending that I almost just stopped watching it. It definitely wasn't memorable or good in any way. It was just stupid and plain boring. There wasn't a single scene that I thought was fun or exciting. And to be honest, I never thought I'd say this, but I'm giving this movie a 0.5/5.

Chan K (br) wrote: How come the poster is distorted??

Robert H (jp) wrote: Dollman is possibly Thomerson's second best role ever. Using classic film techniques and not green screen, Dollman manages to blend perspective and style to portray 13 inches of total bad-assery.While the opening portion of the film is more entertaining than the portion that takes place on Earth, I did enjoy the many one liners from Brick Bardo throughout the film. What I found to be a little silly (as if a 13 inch tall alien landing on Earth wasn't silly enough) was the fact that this all centers around a gang bossing around one woman. I'm assuming they wanted to play up the comedic camp as the gang is absolutely moronic but they were also a little too serious at the same time. There's also the fact that Bardo can't seem to hit the side of a barn with his gun at times. At no point should he have taken more than one or two shots to hit anybody... they're the size of apartment highrises after all.Dollman is exactly what you would come to expect from Fullmoon (a puppet sized Dirty Harry film on a low budget) and considering when it was released, has some great special FX.

J A (ru) wrote: [Jean-Pierre Laud, evenwel niet in de rol die Flixster denkt].

Sarah H (de) wrote: I like that they did not colorize this one. Elvis sings in the style that I would expect from him. Some of the best acting in an Elvis moive too, with a great story.

Gordie W (ru) wrote: I have the Movie & it is Awesome