Chase Our Love

Chase Our Love

This romantic comedy follows three introverted guys, ZaiZai, Nick and Jacky. All three are finding it tough when it comes to the matters of love. Jacky, a homey guy only goes out when he sees the opportunity to be with Mindy, an actress. Elsewhere, when ZaiZai comes to the aid of the pretty Diana, his good intentions gets misunderstood and his girlfriend breaks up with him. Feeling guilty, Diana gets confused with her feelings for ZaiZai, and tries to hook up her friend, Lucy with ZaiZai’s best friend, Nick. The two hit it off at first, but as their relationship progresses, Lucy starts to question her relationship with Nick. As the 3 guys deal with their heartache, follow their lives in the city, as they long for the love they find hard to reach.

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Ian T (ru) wrote: Never quite gets going.

JeanFranois M (mx) wrote: C'etait interessant, mais j'avais l'impression d'couter un documentaire, un dimanche matin, au canal D...

Ky K (de) wrote: An intriguing and well made film, with notable performance by Evans.

Don N (nl) wrote: Can our words incite mass hysteria and cause madness? Not likely. Let's the hunt the makers of this film down like dogs and exact our revenge. Also, your neighbors want you dead. Stock up on weapons and start more war, but maybe watch this movie first. [runs into the streets mumbling & foaming at the mouth]

Vince N (fr) wrote: Best portrayal of a "Comic," book coming to life! Watch it.

Iowa B (br) wrote: Fantiasy and duality have always played a major role in David Lynch's films and while you can say the same thing about many other directors and films, in David Lynch's films they seem to have a far more complex role. Lost Highway is no exception tot he rule. At its core, this film is a neo noir with a surreal twist abd few horror touches. The story, in itself, is rather simple and, if you're paying attention, you can put the pieces together pretty fast. Really, it's not rocket science, I can promise you this.What makes the film fascinating is not the "why's", but the "how"'s. What stands out is the organic way in which the fantasy layer is depicted. In "Lost Highway", fantasy is not only consisting in simple decorative elements, but goes hand in hand with reality, forming what will be the final whole. While the story, as I said before, isn't much, quite on the contrary, it is rather ordinary, the way Lynch chooses to develop it is really something. To some, it may seem random, but it isn't. It is actually very meticulously constructed and Lynch uses a wide range of methods in doing so. The fantasy elements talk about the protagonist, but also talk about the real story. The escapade is treated like a different layer of reality by avoiding the array of cinematic cliches being used to work with multi-layered narratives."Lost Highway" works very well like a combination between music and painting. Music, because it has a particular way of progression and painting because surreal extras are being used to hint real events. The rhythm and progression are visible in "the Pete Dayton story" especially, in the way it goes from neo-noir to the surreal beyond, only to revisit familiar frames and places, by the end.This part, the Pete Dayton one, that is, is also very well constructed organically. In the first scenes, there is almost a sense of birth, even the wound on Peter's head to that. While the film deals with to different stories that don't fully match, when put side by side, it never feels abrupt, quite on the contrary, "Lost Highway" flows and a better way to understand it, perhaps, is to follow its tracks.This being said, I am giving this 4 out of 5, because there are still some things that could have been better executed.

Olaolu A (br) wrote: Easily one of the most powerful films I've ever seen in any language; a stirring tale of one family's brave struggle to hold it together despite seemingly impossible odds. The story unfolds amidst the ever-shifting cultural and political backdrop of China from the 40's all the way up until the 70's but despite the epic scope, the film's attention never strays away from the main characters Fugui and Jiazhen (played to stunning perfection by You Ge and Li Gong) and their fight to maintain their marriage and their forward progression in life despite all of the forces that seem to be allayed against them. Most viewers many not be able to relate to the specific circumstances that these people face but the bigger picture will be impossible to miss. Certainly, the themes that are explored here including the importance of persevering through trials and tribulations and falling back on the strength of family for love and support in tough times are universal in meaning and impact. More to come later...

Yuri B (mx) wrote: 90's angst at it's finest!

Laurie (es) wrote: pretty good.. pretty old.. could have been better

Anastasia W (mx) wrote: This movie was almost exhausting to watch. Over-acting, poor script.

Luke B (us) wrote: Another fantastic example of Ozu's work. As usual, very restrianed and very simple. Ozu examines family relationships and the social beliefs of Japan at the time. The struggles of women and the worries of fathers are all played out. Late Spring focuses on Ryu once again playing a single father, and his daughter Noriko. Many of Ozu's films deal with the effects of a marriage on a family. Here, Noriko does not want to get married. She is content with her life with her father. She enjoys looking after her father and worries about he will be able to cope without her. As it progresses Ryu must make the choice of letting his daughter go. Even if he must trick her to set her free. The great thing about Ozu is that he doesn't tell us what to think, a story is laid out in front of us with each characters emotions open to interpretation. A very moving ending, but one that doesn't try and make us cry. Slow and boring to some, Ozu is a director who has no need to try and impress his audience. Ironically, this is the most impressive thing about him.

Mark D (nl) wrote: Really enjoyed this. Its looks like a it should be a silent movie, but obviously it has dialogue. Lugosi is basically doing a re-imagining of his Dracula character (what else is new?), but being that this is the first zombie movie (i think??) its a must see.

Bill M (br) wrote: Possibly Tim Burton's most underrated movie, Mars Attacks has it's fair share of problems, for starters the script is never as funny as you want it to be, the first forty or so mins the movie is almost shockingly low on laughs, the astonishing ensemble cast of stars, including Jack Nicholson, Pierce Brosnan, Glen Close, Anette Benning, Sarah Jessica Parker, Michael J Fox, Natalie Portman, Danny Devito and bizarrely Tom Jones, are all never really given anything to do (although the throwaway flippancy towards all these stars is part of the films cheeky charm) but once the martians land and all hell breaks loose, the movie becomes a carnival of blackly comic anarchy. Especially in the face of todays blockbusters Mars Attacks seems particularly bold and odd, it presents the arrival of extraterrestrial life not as something wondrous or profound but instead met with bored indifference by everyone, theres a sour, bitterness to the film and it's view on the apathy of humanity that becomes more apparent with re-watches. In fact it is overall one of the most surprisingly nasty and subversive big budget movies of modern times, the galaxy of stars are given short shrift and variously decimated, mutilated, blasted and impaled by the movies real stars, the hilarious, giant craniumed martians, their merry mean spiritedness is infectious and darkly joyous. So while it has issues, when this movie gets going it's massive fun, visually brilliant and inventive, full of insanity, carnage, destruction and A-list death, it's subversive, strange, ambitiously huge and just great.

Tristan H (au) wrote: I just love these types of movies! lol. The movie excelled in having some pretty interesting effects and graphics and the plot started off really nicely. It threw me in for a hook with a twist while everyone is trying to save the world from a supernova blast, but it was worth it. Its definitely one of those traditional Sy-Fy channel type movies, but, it was still a nice movie to watch while passing the time.