Military men Rock Reilly and Eddie Devane are tasked with taking a prisoner, blonde bombshell Toni Johnson, on what becomes an unforgettable road trip. Toni, an enlistee who's in trouble for deserting her unit, soon proves that she's craftier than most inmates.

A hapless Navy grunt is assigned SP duty. The catch : he must escort a beautiful female prisoner on her way to prison for going UA. She in turn will try anything to escape. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ray M (it) wrote: A totally unique take on the typical film about a relationship in ruin. I was totally involved from beginning to end and, without spoiling the quirky premise, this movie doesn't dissappoint. Watch it. It's not what you expect.

Tyler P (mx) wrote: Cela commence comme un enieme film sur le terrorisme pro-americain et anti-islam mais au bout de 5 minutes ca vire au film beaucoup plus intelligent que ca. A voir.

Rangan R (ag) wrote: Half movie, half documentary, the story of most crucial scientific discovery.The film was inspired by the real life stories of the two women from the same timeline who had no connections, except theirs involvement with something. That means there are two sets of stories that's told one after another in parts which covered the events from nearly the three decades. So it all begins in the 1960, where two little sisters promise to each other about something, but 10 years later one of their's life changed forever when another one dies of cancer. So this is the story where the other sister begins her fight against the disease that took her family away.This is a small budget film that shot entirely within a month of time. There are lots of actresses in this, even for the small roles. I thought Helen Hunt would lead the narration, but then there were Maggie Grace, Alice Eve, Aaron Paul and others. Great dedications by all, but this was Samantha Morton's film.I did not know what this story is about when I decided to watch, but I'm pretty happy for the film. Except the material was more a documentary suitable kind, especially the story of Helen Hunt's character. Moreover feels like it is a short film with a decent story. I think it is worth a watch because of unfolding an important scientific discovery of our time. So a big yes on that perspective, but entertainment wise it is just an average. Now you can decide this on what you're seeking.7/10

Shane J (de) wrote: A weird romantic comedy mixed with kung fu. was a total surprise even the cover of the dvd looks like its gonna be an all out action film. the fights are few and far but when they do come they are well put together. especially jackie vs the westerners 2nd fight. The plot is quite sweet but im struggled to see why she was so annoyed at the end?? Im not afraid to say i have a thing for qi shu, so cute.

Matthew C (gb) wrote: A box-office flopI think it was due to lack of marketing and it was pitted against MulanStill it's an enjoyable film the songs are very refreshing but it falls short it's like WB trying to do The Little Mermaid but with CamelotIt's a pity it's not in HD yet it is one of WBFE's finest

FilmGrinder S (de) wrote: 64% "Satan calls you, Satan calls you, Satan calls you..."-Towns People of Drago The title and credit song, "Something Evil, Something Dangerous" by Justin Hayward was the best thing about the film.

Phillip B (it) wrote: A personality going to pieces in front of you.

James C (de) wrote: In the 22nd century, an ex-mercenary meets up with a loner girl and they set out to rescue three space maidens from the ruler of a planet who happens to be a murderous cyborg.There was a glut of low budget SF and fantasy movies made during the 80's and luckily 'Spacehunter' is one of the slightly better entries. Even though it doesn't have a particularly strong story and you are left feeling that a lot was either cut out or just never shot, it still is a fun movie to watch. The acting is competent and Michael Ironside is suitable over the top as the villain even though he gets very little screen time. The special effects are a bit hokey by today's standards, and were designed for then 'brand new' 3D technology. The gore is non-existent, but there is some good make-up effects to keep you going. As I have said before, the story is a bit slow at the beginning and is over just as you feel it is getting started, but is entertaining and feels a little more adult than some of it's competitors of the time. On a personal level, I find it quite silly when movies create their own languages, and this is no exception, but I am willing to forgive it, as this is one of those movies that I grew up with, and it brings back some very nice memories.

Arvinth K (es) wrote: cheap, lousy, childish, loud & extreme torture --- stop making films like this & spoiling the film industry image --- utter rubbish...

Andy G (mx) wrote: Is ok horror movie about a girl moved to all girl school but finds one of her teachers is vampire. C

Eric H (jp) wrote: There are just some things that don't work well as anime. This is one of them. Cramming in as many characters as possible didn't really make this any less boring. Norman Reeds was good as the Punisher though. The movie is vapid like cheap anime tends to be, I can't recommend this.

solidity q (br) wrote: Such a powerful ending.

Martin D (gb) wrote: A wacky teenage sex comedy of the sort that proliferated in the mid-1980s, this farce is notable for featuring two lead actors who would go on to bigger and better things. Rob Morrow and Johnny Depp star as Ben and Jack, respectively, teen buddies who are on the sexual prowl for beautiful, wealthy girls at a posh Miami resort where they are weekend guests. Also on the prowl is The Maestro (Hector Elizondo), a skilled jewel thief who evades detection by cross-dressing as a woman while he pursues the diamond necklace of society woman Amanda Rawlings (Dody Goodman). When they accidentally run afoul of the Maestro, Ben and Jack suddenly have their hands full. Private Resort was the third in a series of comic teen sex romps from producer R. Ben Efraim, each of which had the word Private in the title.