Chasing a Dream

Chasing a Dream

When his best friend, a championship runner, is killed in a car accident while running home from a party, high school football star CAM STILES suffers a nervous breakdown from the guilt and pain. It also tears apart his relationship with his father, GARY STILES, who also happens to be his football coach. When Cam decides to quit football and join the track team to honor his friend, his former teammates turn against him, too. Eventually, Cam goes for a sub-four that seems impossible and manages to win and lose the race at the same time.

When his best friend, a championship runner, is killed in a car accident while running home from a party, high school football star CAM STILES suffers a nervous breakdown from the guilt and... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hli L (it) wrote: Adele's (and mine) favourite hipster puts his self indulgence behind him to show us just why marriage equality is so very important and urgent. In this super heteronormative world, repressed and oppressed sexualities are the real boogeyman that keeps both characters and audiences on edge while highly improbable events unfold. This queer thriller could have easily been a silly family comedy if only all people were allowed to love who they really love. Don't leave in a rush because what happens after the credits roll does leave you hoping that future generations, once given the green light, won't have to endure so much destruction. The soundtrack, as usual, is a bloody killer!

Joseph F (us) wrote: For a horror movie, it's not really good. The characters are one dimensional. The acting is barely there. The deaths were telegraphed long before hand. For an Asylum movie, it's probably one of their better ones. A lot of the effects are practical. I'm more forgiving towards this one because it reminds me of low budget horror movies I saw as a kid.

Deena D (it) wrote: Very poor ending!!! They didn't solve the problems...and Janet got attracted to a man that easily although its been a year since her husband's death!!! Naaa, liked the idea have different couples' Couples Retreat but this one is not as good.

Andrew D (au) wrote: Great title. Unwatchable "film".

Shawn S (gb) wrote: The slow buildup of tension as the paranormal activity increases in intensity is excellent. Katie Featherston is pretty good too.

Bank K (ru) wrote: One of the greatest Japanese film I've seen. With the contradiction and irony style of movie that drives between Matsuko's life(which is worse than hell), and the colorful and funny themes. The extra credit for my recommendation goes to the acting of Miki Nakatani (as Matsuko), stunning visual effects for background, scores, and the movie soundtracks. This is a must see 5/5

Heather M (mx) wrote: This just doesn't look appealing at all.

Collin R (nl) wrote: It builds a perfect foundation for one of the best movies of all time

James H (es) wrote: I found it to be campy fun, an outrageosly funny mock of westerns. Divine is, well Divine! Tab Hunter does a great mock of Clint Eastwood type western characters. The score is funny, it's short, sweet and fast moving.

Peter P (fr) wrote: I am sure George Lucas was sitting around one day thinking to himself, "Well, we have all these left over Ewok costumes from return of the Jedi, I sure wish we could do something with them?" and thus this and its sequel tv movies were born. Are they as good as Starwars 4, 5 and 6, no (1, 2 and 3, sure, but what isn't) but they are fun, and it is always great to see Wicket and the boys being cute, so I guess what I am trying to say is, Good job George, star cruiser crash, nub nub.

Gordon T (mx) wrote: AWESOME SOUNDTRACK. both the guy who played The Guy and the girl who played The Girl are now dead . . . weird yet not really considering their lifestyles (they both died young [heart-failure at age 37 in 1988 and Hepititis at age 47 in 2002 respectively.) let's see: Kim Milford (1951-1988) as Billy Cherly Smith (1955-2002) as Kathy (thanks) The Kid blows-up a Star Wars poster with the ray-gun to make the statement that Laserblast out-blasts Star Wars. Awesome stop-motion effects and The Kid totally blows-up The Town at the end.

David B (fr) wrote: Burton and O'Toole are terrific in a film that appears to be hovering on the cusp of a new era. It flits between modern historical drama and old-fashioned epic, with great performances from a new generation of actors, and a score and cinematography straight from a 1940s Michael Curtiz movie. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Gripping stuff.

Allan C (it) wrote: A giant Loch Ness-like like dinosaur monster created by nuclear bomb testing terrorizes England. The film is a pretty slow build up to the end when the stop motion monster finally attacks London. Most of the film is scientists talking and little glimpses of the monster. Where Steven Spielberg turned this formula into a blockbuster with "Jaws" and "Jurassic Park" he succeeded by making the build up to finally showing the monster actually interesting, whereas with this film and my of it's ilk are a slow and boring waiting game until the action finally begins.

Allan C (es) wrote: Rather dull Tracy/Hepburn drama about reporter Tracy writing a story about a recently deceased rich and powerful man. Hepburn plays the rich man's widow. It's a well mounted production, directed by George Cukor, and has more than a few echoes of "Citizen Kane" but it's nowhere in the same league. It's an alright film, but I would have expected more considering the talent involved.

Kristen S (ru) wrote: a strange film by silent comedy standards where narrative complexity and character development take precedence over gags. not that there aren't gags here, of course. keaton makes great use of the boxing ring and all its accouterments. not a laugh a minute, but anyone with an admiration for keaton or silent comedy has to see this one.

Gabriel C (ag) wrote: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is classic horror at its finest, with a mesmerizing performance from pre-Casablanca Conrad Veidt.

(mx) wrote: It's a chaotic and relatively fun film, although the characters and not particularly edifying and the dialogue loses its way with boring scenes. It's a pretty narcissistic world, selling itself as cool and stylish. And so despite itself, it's a tragedy.

Andrey B (au) wrote: Even though it's an obvious blend of different noir movies the final product is brilliant.

Mohammed A (nl) wrote: It's good movie to watch