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A young American woman (Sydne Rome) traveling through Italy finds herself in a strange Mediterranean villa where nothing seems right. Her visit becomes an absurd, decadent, oversexed version of "Alice in Wonderland", with Marcello Mastroianni as the maddest of mad hatters and Roman Polanski a kinky March hare. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Che? torrent reviews

Alnissa S (ag) wrote: Bridesmaids ain't got nothing on this movie!!!

(ca) wrote: Outdated CCTV technology + crazy computer interfaces..what a mix :)

J F (ag) wrote: It was beautifully filmed, the casting is fantastic and the writing isn't too shabby either. I really liked this movie but it can be a little slow and will likely go over better with the female crowd. Bring this kleenex for this tearjerker.

Megan N (es) wrote: Funny stupid <3 Jonathan

Duncan K (ag) wrote: The fact that Morgan Freeman narrates this documentary is reason enough to see it, or rather hear it.

Leonard D (de) wrote: Too bad that one of the only things worth seeing in this movie is Angelina Jolie naked! I think this is one reason why Brad Pitt was attracted to her in the first place!Angie definitely looks and acts the role of Lara Croft perfectly, but the rest of the film could have been so much better than how it turned out to be in the end!

Alberto G (gb) wrote: Excellent real life political thriller about how close the world came to WWIII. Casting was great, particularly Bruce Greenwood as JFK and Steven Culp as Bobby Kennedy. Kevin Costner does a good job without much to work with.Even as you know how things worked out, you could feel the anxiety, frustration and hopelessness that they must have felt during those agonizing 13 days. No wonder JFK and Bobby were both assassinated. They were not good for the war business.

Ryan S (it) wrote: Trying to be Pulp Fiction but still a fun movie. James Spader creepily good as usual.

Olli S (mx) wrote: Entertaining trashy 80's action adventure.

Ryan M (es) wrote: Closer to a 4.25. A little overlong, but very beautiful film.

Stephanie M (es) wrote: No film has ever quite "gotton" teen girls and sex like this one did. I love the casting too. Pretty girls, don't get me wrong, but not in any super-duper unreal way and all do an AMAZING job of not being "types." And I love to no end that the only brain dead person in the bunch is Matt Dillon's character.Opening scene one of my favorites of all time: Kristy McNichol being all BA and having some jerk hit on her only for her to turn around, smile, and kick him in the crotch. Perfectly encapsulating what this movie is about. Quite possibly the best female coming-of-age film I have ever seen. Funny, well performed and genuine this movie really encapsulates being a teenage girl and all the confusion, horniess, and fear that goes along with sex. Can not recommend this movie enough, takes the teen sexploitation film to a whole new level.

Pedrina G (br) wrote: Al is very sweet and his eyes say everything. Jos Carlos Pace, a Brazilian car racer was the stunt driver.

beverly j (gb) wrote: when we needed to see it.. this was done in good taste and I enjoyed it..

Jack L (ca) wrote: British film at it's finest! A must watch, a story about a kid who literally has almost nothing. And the ending is a true heart breaker too.

Kate S (mx) wrote: I really wish they had gone a different route with this movie. I was disappointed in the ending. But I love the basic concept of a man who thinks that he can make people die by using black pushpins on a cemetary map showing who owns the cemetary plots and which of them are dead or alive. There was an awful lot of setup for not much happening in the end. On a slightly different plotline, this would have made an amazing Twilight Zone episode.

Stig H (us) wrote: Simple story, tragic Russian accents and a terrible over-acted performance from Vincent Cassel. The much hyped Sauna-scene was very cool, but couldnt save this one....I expected a lot more from this flick!

Michael M (ag) wrote: Part concert, part experimental music video... but still very "Metallica."

Daniel V (es) wrote: See how 89% of users like this movie? Listen to them. Now let me give you a disclaimer, if you hate musicals you may not have to much fun, but if musicals only sometimes annoy you, you will be amused. If you like or love musicals, welcome to heaven. Movie was a critical and box office flop, but it gained a cult following and is now a show on Broadway. A young Christian Bale leads a very fun cast on an entertaining romp thru the Newsboy strike that changed the child labor laws to the way we know today. Just so you know, before this parts of America pretty much ran on Sweat shops. The songs are catchy, the period sets and costumes are transportive, and the young cast includes David Moscow(little Hanks in Big) and Max Casella(Doogie Howser's best friend Vinny Delpino) and veterans Ann Margret, Bill Pullman and Robert Duvall.