Checking Out

Checking Out

Ray is a man obsessed with his own mortality. When Ray's best friend dies of a heart attack, Ray is convinced that all of his aches and pains are an indication of his own imminent death. His life turns into a slapstick farce of health-crazed anxiety and hypochondria, until he finally learns that all he has to fear is fear itself.

Ray is a man obsessed with his own mortality. When Ray's best friend dies of a heart attack, Ray is convinced that all of his aches and pains are an indication of his own imminent death. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Divya K (au) wrote: ? 3/4? (R) 3/4 : ? ??? ?? ? ??, ,? 3/4 ... 3/4??? ??????.. !!!

Bonnie C (mx) wrote: Not like romantic comedy you see made in Hollywood, main two love interests are not so pretty in eyes but you can see how each other can attract the other, interesting... I liked how this lifeless mother of three transforms into a happy woman with her eyes twinkled due to new found love. Belgium movies, especially comedies, are risky but I am glad to have seen this one.

natemamate p (kr) wrote: This movie is not much a of a documentry its even worst than jack and jill and the horrid henry movie

Ian M (nl) wrote: This film is like nothing else you will ever see. It creates a world as upside down and fascinating as your own dreams. For those that complain that this movie does not have enough character development or plot THAT IS NOT THE POINT. The point is the creation of an amazing new world.

Ahmed A (fr) wrote: One of the worst movies ever. It's an insult to the original franchise.

Trinity C (de) wrote: Hmmm....I'm still not sure what to make of her.

William R W (br) wrote: Good, but very disconnected from what I want. Not much humor at all.

Matthew B (fr) wrote: Seeing David Carradine act in this movie has to be the most depressing thing I've seen all day. I mean, talk about not giving a shit with every line delivery sounds like he's just reading the script for the first time.Well, to be fair, Future Force dose have it's fair share of funny and ridiculous moments that I thought was pure gold. But the rest of it is just a water down action flick with a dull lead.

Russell S (kr) wrote: If the movie is called "Zombie Island Massacre," it should actually have some damn zombies.

Ashley P (ru) wrote: What a magical adventure this movie was as a child. Timeless!

Sandra H (it) wrote: Best Doris Day movie ever! :-)

Melissa B (ru) wrote: This was hilarious. I love the comedy in older movies!

Andre H (ca) wrote: The visuals and soundtrack is fantastic. The storyline has some substance to it, perhaps a little at the expense of the entertainment value. A fantastic effort nonetheless from this African independent animation studio.

Chris S (ag) wrote: Have you ever seen a movie where the production stills were more impressive than the movie itself? "Madison County" is a lot like that except it's not a complete waste of time either. The horror begins with a scene of a young girl in her underwear waking up in the back of a moving pickup truck. She jumps out, cries for help, and gets hit in the back of the head by the truck driver. Then we're introduced to James (Colley Bailey) and his friends taking a trip to "Madison County" to interview an author. James has been exchanging letters with David Randall, the author. The book is about a serial killer named Damien Yule who has killed over thirty people over a few decades, but nobody in "Madison County" has ever said a word about it. James wants to get the people's perspective for a thesis paper even when all signs point to him and his friends just packing up and heading back home.I fully expected "Madison County" to be your typical B-grade horror movie. The concept art on the DVD box did look kind of promising. A guy in a pig mask killing college kids doesn't sound so bad. A bit "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"-ish, but that's never a bad thing. The acting is much better than the movie lets on though. Nearly all of the college students have natural sounding dialogue and the townsfolk from "Madison County" are fairly creepy as they should be. It's really only ruined by the old woman at the diner named Erma (Adrienne Harrell). It's as if she starts off decent enough, but has the Nicolas Cage effect and begins to get more and more over the top the more screen time she has.There's actually quite a bit of build up before any sort of killing takes place. There's drama amongst James and his friends, but they spend a lot of time searching for David Randall as Erma tells them he moved away long ago and that Damien Yule doesn't exist. The acting is the only real surprise here though other than the attempt at some character development and slow build to any sort of blood being seen. Everything else is pretty stereotypical. The pig faced Damien Yule takes several pages out of Leatherface's book minus the chainsaw. Every one of the college kids is a walking cliche; James is the brave one, his buddy Will (Matt Mercer) is the nerd, Brooke (Joanna Sotomura) is the really feminine girl who doesn't do anything but cry, her friend Jenna (Natalie Scheetz) is the tomboy who actually puts up a fight, and Brooke's brother Kyle (Ace Marrero) is the brooding tough guy.It's as if everything the movie did have going for it is thrown out the window once Damien Yule shows up. Then it's basically just your below par serial killer horror movie. Leading up to that point though is kind of fun. Pay particular attention to movement in the background. There's always something going on back there. The ending is really bizarre, too. It obviously has to leave enough room for a sequel. All horror movies do that, but this leaves things open while wrapping up another character's storyline and ending with this really awkward shot of Damien Yule done with music video-like editing."Madison County" shows potential early on. Its cast is surprisingly decent and their acting is a few steps higher than you're probably expecting. There's this constant "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "Wrong Turn" kind of vibe the entire time. I'd even say there's a little bit of "Wolf Creek" in there, as well. But things go downhill fast; characters become more and more overused and familiar to what you've seen in the past, dialogue gets more ridiculous, and events unfold in unsatisfying ways. It leaves several unanswered questions up in the air. "Madison County" only ends up being a partial wasted effort overall.