A romantic comedy about a grocery store dating service that is set to open a one-week run this Friday at the Little Theatre.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A romantic comedy about a grocery store dating service that is set to open a one-week run this Friday at the Little Theatre. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fredrik G (de) wrote: good acting and occasionally funny, but too long and unimaginative, which made it more and more boring as it progressed. it's rather depressing that otto preminger's excellent version of "bonjour tristesse" from 1958 feels more modern than "bonjour sagan" from 2008.

Kevin L (gb) wrote: Took a great novel by Leonard and turned it into a average movie

Amy H (ru) wrote: didn't really like the plot...but the gore and all are there!

Zach C (ru) wrote: another badass documentary on old school punk and 80's hardcore from well known bands to the really rare and unknown. a must see.

AD O (mx) wrote: not as classic as i remember it... but i love giant creepy muppet birds, not sure how i wasn't afraid of them as a kid! favourite song 'easy goin'

Andrew B (au) wrote: i remember liking it.

Mark V (fr) wrote: Seen it three times 10 or so years apart. Stick to your day life.

David J (es) wrote: "Deliverance" is a serviceable and, during it's time, shocking outdoors survival thriller with a modern man vs. human instinct message that's seemingly far more contrived and shallow than the hundreds of feet deep I was told it is. And, when it comes to making mature decisions, I think the protagonists of "Deliverance" have a thing or two to learn from the kids of "Mean Creek."

Dan M (gb) wrote: Great music, but dated now so it comes across somewhat racist and sexist. Also it feels like it is filmed more as a stage production rather than as a film adapted from the stage.

Scott W (au) wrote: Another enjoyable entry in the Rathbone/Bruce series, perhaps only slightly let down by the overt allusions to WW II and in particular Nazi and Japanese atrocities. Rathbone's little propoganda speech is understandable for the time, but a little out of place today. This is another creepy old house, murder mystery and although the villain is a fairly easy guess this time its a fun tale and the usual cast are as wonderful as ever. Halliwell Hobbes is good as a sinister, drunkard butler.

Andy F (ru) wrote: More of a straight thriller with the odd horrific moment. It's all quite pedestrian unfortunately, even Lugosi doesn't look that interested in this one.

Ben R (it) wrote: The overly preachy finale nearly ruins an otherwise compelling film. This was Bogie's first top-billed role and he, of course, is excellent.

Grant S (ca) wrote: Unoriginal, predictable, melodramatic yet dull.Detachment doesn't tackle a new subject. Delinquent kids and teachers'inability to teach or control them has been a theme since the 1950s(Blackboard Jungle anyone?). However, with each of these sorts ofmovies you hope that there is something new to be added. If there aremovies that add to the discussion, Detachment isn't one of them.Rather than try to present solutions, it just shows the problems. Youwould think Adrien Brody's character represents the solution but hischaracter is too implausible to be true: idealistic and overlygoody-two-shoesy. Plus, is he really the solution? (Any more andthere'd be spoilers). If anything, the movie is telling us: don't be ateacher and, more broadly, don't have kids.The plot is quite predictable. Some events are signposted far inadvance. The plot isn't hard to figure out in advance, especially as you have somuch time to work it out, the movie progresses so slowly.Sure, there's heaps of melodrama, people throwing things, kids beingall aggro, ridiculous dialogue and sub-plots, but it's fairly empty. Lots of pretense and bluster, but no substance.

Jeff B (mx) wrote: Weird but completely BORING... At least to me it was

Brian L (fr) wrote: Science Fiction before there was science fiction. Is a great story and told only as Disney can.

Alex T (br) wrote: Despite a warm performance from Tom Hanks, and an introduction to the talented abilities of Gugu Mbatha-Raw, this film is nothing more than a cliched filled, unoriginal romantic drama with little substantial comedy.

Patrick D (jp) wrote: how did i get here? you see one man answers as best as he can recall, which is not dialogue but key images, phrasees and moments, much as you would recall your own life. really brilliant achievement, but hard work to watch (no releases of tension thorugh comedy, whatever). You need to be willing to work to stay with this film , as art well worth your time. Would love a commentary to identify all the myths and biblical motifs I cant spot.