Cheech & Chong's The Corsican Brothers

Cheech & Chong's The Corsican Brothers

Two brothers who can feel each others' pain and pleasure mess up the French revolution.

Two brothers who can feel each others' pain and pleasure mess up the French revolution. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cheech & Chong's The Corsican Brothers torrent reviews

Robert G (mx) wrote: Actually a very funny syfy flick! Almost as good as Sharktopus!

Norm W (gb) wrote: Great thoughtful story.

Tom H (nl) wrote: Fantastic flick. Very real life story that portrays situations with no easy answers. Great acting as well; could easily relate to all the characters.

Theresa A (us) wrote: Wow the reviews are bad for this one but for whatever reason it's one of my favorites. Maybe I just saw it at the right time but that's how a lot of media hits the right spot and ends up on my favorites list. Maybe I'm still just a romantic at heart and despite everything.

Jovon T (kr) wrote: A great story about a very popular voice in radio history. Good cast, plot, and humor made this a must see!

Sam D (ca) wrote: A beautiful movie about a world that no loner exits

joshua b (es) wrote: Citizen Ruth shows early indications of the great film maker Alexander Payne would come to be recognised as. Laura Dern plays the title character, a young woman pregnant woman who is taken in by Norm (Kurtwood Smith) and his family, leaders of the local "pro-life" movement. The movie is audacious and courageous not simply for its relentless satire on the abortion debate, but for the way it lampoons both sides. Ruth becomes a pawn in an ideological war in which both factions may actually care little about her at all. The plot device that kicks off the story -- Ruth is court-ordered to get an abortion or face jail time -- feels a bit flimsy, but there is more than enough biting satire throughout (Burt Reynolds plays a "pro-life" celebrity, an eleventh hour secret weapon of his party), Laura Dern's wonderful performance, and a fantastic ending that work together to make this a great film.

KMM (ca) wrote: Two brothers battle their differences in order to keep their company afloat on Wall Street. Personal matters become intertwined in their struggles. A pretty neat concept and story.

Allan N (es) wrote: Not as bad as everyone says, but not a great film either. Good perfomances. 30 min too long.

Sarah P (ru) wrote: Red Rock West is nicely paced with well thought out characters playing the part, the problem with the film it leads up to a sloppy third act making it slightly draggy.

Tony U (gb) wrote: Nothing in common is truly an American story. A story of a very common middle class american life. It is also a father/son story. It also showcases a classic Oscar winning American actor of yesteryear with a young upcoming and developing American actor (who would eventually land two consecutive Oscars) Tom Hanks. A precocious Tom Hanks with Jackie Gleason in his swan song (he would die in real life the following year) is formula for a movie with superb acting. Their chemistry perfect. The movie also delves into the many aspects of love. Relationship love, lust, and father/mother-son love. Gleason and Hanks both possess the most important talent in acting: saying so much with saying a single word. Both have eyes, gestures, and expressions that say what couldn't be told in a 3 hour script. Bess Armstrong, who plays an ex-girlfriend of Hanks is brilliant as well. She's such a loveable person that her comforting of Hanks character as he awaited his father in operation was one that made me want to hug my television.

Spencer B (it) wrote: This movie is heavily flawed and a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, but it's still a fun ride, although a bit too dark at times.

Nicola M (ag) wrote: It was hard for me to believe that Robert Taylor was playing a gangster but as the movie progressed I started to see he was able to pull the role off really well. He wasn't anywhere as good as Cagney but not a bad crook. Van Heflin as Johnny's friend was a great add to the film. Great performances from all of the cast.

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Salah A (fr) wrote: A nail-biting experience. "Buried" will surprise you with its intensity.

Amy H (us) wrote: What a beautiful, sweet, sad and wonderful movie!! Love the dialogue and the romance! Fantastic acting and definitely a must watch movie!

Jon M (ru) wrote: One of the films from Reeves, before The Matrix phenomenon, that demonstrated that he is a great action star. The story, for its time, was pretty mind-bending and original. A great watch, even if it has a sort of a B-movie feel.

Ricardo P (fr) wrote: This movie is phenomenal. Novel and entertaining.