• Category:Comedy
  • Stars:Unknown
  • Uploader:Fakinsai
  • Country:Japan
  • Director:Hayato Kawai
  • Writer:Tamio Hayashi (screenplay)

Hikari Tomonaga (Suzu Hirose) enrolls at Fukui Chuo High School| and joins its cheer dance club for the sole reason of cheering on a boy she has known from their
junior high days. However| the club's coach| female teacher Kaoru Saotome (Yuki Amami)| is a harsh and no-nonsense task master who suddenly declares: "Our aim is to
become U.S. champions! No fringes or boyfriends allowed!" As older students quickly quit the club| the presence of Hikari's teammate Ayano (Ayami Nakajo) encourages
her to decide to stick with cheer dance for the time being. Will the club achieve their goal of becoming U.S. champions? These ordinary schoolgirls set off on a long
journey toward making their dream a reality. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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kashima m (de) wrote: I like this movie. I have been seen number of times. Myfavorite movie.

Geoff J (ag) wrote: A fantastic lead performance from Giamatti can't quite save what is Kaufman-esque take on an Outer Limits episode. An average OL episode.

Andi A (ca) wrote: makes you see just how corrupt the bush family is. great doc- i highly recommend it.

Anthony ToeKnee B (ru) wrote: I dig it!! I relate toooo much 2 this character/flick!! It's underrated and fresh I dare u 2 not relate 2 a character in this film...Unless ur a complete success in which case ur already "HAPPY" I found solace in this movie and also looked a little deeper into myself (which is always healthy) Steve Buschemi is an incredible director and am anxious 2 c more of his work!!!

Crystal L (es) wrote: Worst movie EVER. And seriously cannot be compared to Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

Roni M (gb) wrote: Would have gotten about two were it not for that one, like, thirty second scene towards the end... Jessica knows what I'm talkin about.

Matthew A (es) wrote: While not absolute crap, "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie," like it's TV show, doesn't have the same energy or fun nature of previous Power Rangers adventures.

William M (ru) wrote: I had the blues when I went thru puberty but not when it came to being sad

Jorge Mauricio M (jp) wrote: Good film, with good fightings from Jason Statham and cool