The sequel to Kireedam (1989), Chenkol continues the story of Sethumadavan who hopes to regain his lost life after 8 years in prison.

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Hannah D (ag) wrote: There is nothing redeeming about this. The supposed villan was more sympathetic than the heroine. Her employee is a bad decorator and going after her boyfriend after breaking her nose! A Dickensian themed society party IS a horrible idea, for obvious reasons! Her genius idea to decorate a christmas party in green wreaths with red decorations? And the same kids tree concept my office building does. Really needed a decorator to come up with those concepts? You wouldn't recognize the chick you made out with because she had glitter on her face? What age was her friend group? Wouldn't someone on this *movie* set realize that set design and interior decorating are not the same field at all?

Peter B (ru) wrote: A complete waste of its all star cast.

Paul S (br) wrote: Surprisingly decent same formula different kid. Cool traps and fairly funny. Kids enjoyed it one more left to watch

Megan N (us) wrote: Stupid movie, only watched bcuz of rob

Pierluigi P (it) wrote: Childhood is the happiest time of our lives simply because we still ignore what is wrong with the world and the people living in it. This film shows the moment when a kid begins to suffer at being beaten by tragedy (the loss of his mother and his dog) and disorientation (sexuality), but realizes is the time of shaping his own identity and character to endure.

Matt H (it) wrote: A great, great film. Meryl Streep in Sophie's Choice is my pick for the best all-time performance by an actress, but I think now Ingrid Bergman and Liv Ullmann in Autumn Sonata are my picks for the 2nd and 3rd best. Their performances are astounding. The Bergman films I've seen so far all pretty much have great female performances, but in Autumn Sonata (Ingrid) Bergman and Ullmann bring a level of talent and emotional realism to the performances that just left me breathless while watching. I can't say which actress is better - their performances are interlocked I can't really separate them. Now my 2nd favorite Bergman film after Persona (and pretty close to it).

Frances H (ru) wrote: An original plot line and slick presentation--I liked it.