Chernaya Molniya

Chernaya Molniya

A Moscow college student's gift car from his parents turns out to be more than anyone expects when it flies, which he uses to become both a city guardian and a speedy floral delivery boy.

A Moscow college student's gift car from his parents turns out to be more than anyone expects when it flies, which he uses to become both a city guardian and a speedy floral delivery boy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vincent S (fr) wrote: Last time "Double Tap" was just so so, but now this one was even worse. Too slow and weak script. Well, I love most of Derek Yee's films, but not this one.

Michael Q (fr) wrote: A good watch about honor and things in life we all have forgotten about....... Value !

B L (au) wrote: Funny romantic comedy. Love the chemistry between Hugh Grant and Drew Berrymore. The music is very catching and fun.

Roman R (ag) wrote: Se siente extrao ser la primera persona en escribir acerca de esta pelicula en flixster. Pero en fin... "Sultanes del Sur" quiere jugar con los chicos de hollywood mediante una propuesta generica y comun de lo que es, a final de cuentas, una pelicula de policias y ladrones. Cuenta con un presupuesto mayor que al de la mayoria de las cintas mexicanas, y no hay duda que es entretenida. No le recomendaria a nadie verla en el cine, pero como para rentar no es mala idea.

Kristen R (br) wrote: a great bad the americans are going to destroy it.

Helen H (fr) wrote: The title alone, means I must definitely watch this. ummm maybe not.

Im that dude (us) wrote: Just another amazing corey haim movie

Ben R (de) wrote: I'm a sucker for 80's and 90's ensemble comedies like Dazed and Confused and the like, so I enjoyed this movie a lot. There's always something appealing about having a large cast of characters (especially in high school, for some reason) and seeing how the various characters interact.This movie didn't have as many friend group-based crossovers as Dazed and Confused; it was more content to follow several different characters' isolated journeys. Sean Penn as Jeff Spicoli seems to be the character that everyone remembers from this movie, and with good reason; he's a stoner reminiscent of the Californians SNL sketch, getting into all sorts of weird hijinks like ordering a pizza in class (a scene my dad constantly references). I really liked pretty much every scene/line with Spicoli, even though his character isn't exactly feel original anymore watching this in 2015. Sean Penn makes it his own thing, though, and there's something so good-natured about him that makes you like him despite his idiocy. I won't say the dynamic between him and Mr. Hand is MOVING, per se, but it had a bit more of an arc than I expected, and those final scenes between the two were unexpectedly...nice.As usual, my least favorite conflicts were the ones that involved romantic relationships. Mike was being such a good friend to Mark throughout the movie (I particularly liked him returning Mark's wallet but purposely letting it slip to his date that he'd forgotten it) that it really bothered me once he slept with Stacy. There was too much time between Mark and Stacy's first date and their eventual reconciliation at the end of the movie, so I was a little disappointed by that conflict. That said, points for including a nice scene where Stacy makes the definitive decision to get an abortion and is gently comforted by her older brother afterwards.My least favorite part of the movie was probably the third quarter, or maybe most of the second third - whenever all that friend betrayal was going on. The rest of that time was taken up by Brad Hamilton's shenanigans, which I also didn't love. The pirate getup was amusing, but the bit with his crush walking in on him jacking off to a fantasy of her was a little over-the-top and obvious. This is only a quibble because the whole time it was pretty entertaining, but I just didn't love it.And it's fine because the first and third acts are pretty strong. I really like how Mark and Stacy are each introduced individually and developed nicely so that neither is some outlandish crush. I really liked Mike's kind of coaching Mark to be charming, and there was something strangely adorable about the scene in the cafeteria with Linda teaching the naive Stacy how to give a blowjob. When all the guys at the next table over start clapping and Stacy realizes they saw her pantomiming a blowjob on a carrot, Jennifer Jason Leigh shrinks away with this sort of embarrassed laugh, and there's something enormously endearing about it.Also enormously endearing: Mark and Stacy's romance overall. Like I said, the film falters a little once it tries to actually introduce serious conflict. I didn't like Mike 'stealing' Stacy from Mark, and I didn't love Mark sort of blowing her off just because he was scared of sex, or whatever that was. That said, all of their scenes were still cute, and I was really rooting for the two of them, which made their last scene together really cute.Overall, this was a movie that was strongest in its moments of levity and lazy drifting, the unfocused scenes of high school hijinks and teenagers having relatable conversations about sex and life. It faltered when it tried too hard to force a conflict. Movies like Dazed and Confused prove that a movie can still be profound and entertaining with little to no ongoing conflict, so maybe more movies should adopt this loose and comedic style.

Christy W (it) wrote: My favorite Rohmer so far.

Asim D (br) wrote: [b]In The Mood For Love:[/b] [i]Masterpiece, god I love this movie. No rating can do this film justice its just a perfect movie.[/i] [b]Starksy And Hutch:[/b] 5[i] out of 10; very entertaining, very derivative, very forgettable, but a great night out none the less.[/i] [b]In America:[/b][i] 8 out of 10;[/i] [i]an extremely sweet film that elicits maudlin level emotions with such sincerity and subtlety that is becomes a marvel of storytelling. This is the kind of movie that makes you leave with an elated feeling that everything will work out.[/i] [b]Memories:[/b] 5[i] out of 10; Three tales told from three different anime visionaries fails to work on a thematic level and the entrancing visuals fail to make up for it. An ambitious conceit plagued by pointless ambiguity and bewildering tone shifts.[/i]

Annie C (it) wrote: "What if all these stars are notes on a page of music, swirling in the blue... like jazz..."

Sammy d (mx) wrote: have seen it really good

Brandon L (es) wrote: I remember this scaring me when I was little. It still has one of the most terrifying, stomach turning, scenes I've ever seen!

Jenna I (us) wrote: Welp, that was a movie. The best one is the art critic story.