Cherry Crush

Cherry Crush

A High school Photographer breaks his own rules and falls in love with his teenage model

A seventeen-year-old photographer gets caught up in murder when he breaks his own rules and falls in love with one of his teenage models. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cade H (br) wrote: Pumping Iron is a classic documentary that follows Arnold and a few other body builders as they prepare for competition. It is fun and interesting, but really only if you are into working out and are a fan of Arnold (but really, who isn't a fan of his). There were some good moments and funny interviews but I felt like it could have shown more lifting scenes in the gym to show how hard they train. It was a little underwhelming for me because I had heard such great things about this film. It was a good insight into the sport of bodybuilding and it really shows you Arnold's personality and his confidence and why he became such a huge success. Good movie but not amazing.

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