A gambler is determined to capture the outlaw bandit responsible for a series of stagecoach robberies. Director Raoul Walsh's 1947 western stars Dennis Morgan and Jane Wyman.

Wells Fargo stages are being robbed by 'The Poet' and no one can find out who he is. Wylie is a gambler who is found by the sheriff and gives him the option of going back to a questionable ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian C (gb) wrote: Quite enjoyable dark thriller about David, whose wife is found dead in a local canal. The police believe he did it, the evidence points to him doing it, but David sees a person in the shadows, who he believes did it.This movie has many great elements, and it very enjoyable and fun.

Justin B (mx) wrote: Made it about 25 mins in. Stick a fork in Rodriguez, he's done.

Edwin T (nl) wrote: Interesting character study set in the rarefied world of academia, this hermetically sealed, suffocating film has plenty of moments, but ultimately seems less than the sum of its parts. Intriguing and worth seeking out.

Kevin L (ru) wrote: Very clever and aware of both cultures, Outsourced works with great performances and charisma in its content

Brian P (mx) wrote: Waste of TIME!! Very Weak movie, DO NOT WATCH, if you do end up watching it, side effects may include: Suicide, murder ramapages, road ramapage, any kinds of ways of harming yourself, and many others...