Botany professor Abanish Sen,goes to his brother in law's house as a taxi driver.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:122 minutes
  • Release:1971
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Chhadmabeshi 1971 full movies, Chhadmabeshi torrents movie

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Chhadmabeshi torrent reviews

Michael T (us) wrote: Interesting. Will definitely see the second movie.

WS W (fr) wrote: Good acting by Anthony Wong, ok storyline, bad narrative/editing.

Edward W (mx) wrote: This could so easily have been done in a mocking spirit, but wiser (or more gracious) heads prevailed. Although I have had issues for years with the romanticization of vampires in popular culture, I still appreciated the healthy, gentle balance of amusement and respect shown the 'Twilight' books, films, and fans in this documentary about how an obscure small town copes with (and embraces) a sudden explosion of worldwide fame and tourism after it emerges as the central setting for a series of phenomenally popular romantic-fantasy stories. In truth, I enjoyed the documentary rather more than the films themselves.

Jamie I (br) wrote: I think the opening scene of this flick is by far the coolest. It's a music video for "Pop Goes My Heart" and everything about it screams 80s. It's hilarious. The fact that I was laughing as soon as the movie started rolling is a good sign. The movie has funny moments. It's not laugh till you drop funny. However, I recommend this one especially if you dig the 80s.

Juan H (kr) wrote: gummo and the stoned age have a baby. worthy.

Byron B (br) wrote: won best foreign film with NSFC

Phil H (ag) wrote: this an episode of 'Quantum Leap' following the constant adventures of 'Sam Beckett'?. No?! well it sure as hell seems like it as the ever cuddly Scott Bakula portrays the same character he's always ever portrayed with the exact same haircut too...geez dude!. So lets not beat around the bush here, this is the late in the day 'Major League' clone that shamelessly rips every cliched idea from that film whilst attempting to look all innocent by turning it into a college football flick.The plot is different of course, but end of the day it still involves a coach and his assistant trying to muster together a half decent team which ultimately ends up being a bunch of misfits, freaks, girls and Scott Bakula. From there on we get all the regular sports cliches and predictable fluff such as the team losing all the time, losing faith in their coach, a soppy romance, a rival team of assholes, the resurgence of the team and one man behind the scenes taking joy in the teams failure and trying to amplify it.I think the problem with this film other than the fact its a lame clone, is they simply haven't created any fun characters to follow or care about. As I've already said Bakula plays the same character he always does, then you have a bloke who thinks he's a samurai warrior, the nerdy guy with specs, a huge Samoan guy, an Aussie?! (why would an Aussie be there?), a black guy who can't catch, a ex-military obsessed bloke, a female kicker and finally the hilarious comedian Sinbad...add sarcastic quips here. There are of course other faceless jock meathead players also.Hell to even make sure they copied every single aspect of 'Major League' they even have a light-hearted announcer for the games...and its Rob Schneider! oh the quality. I really shouldn't keep going on about the similarities but its impossible not too! just look at the films poster, its identical in every way! unbelievable!.The only big change in this film is the team doesn't actually win any league or championship in the end, they lose a load, tie a game and their final game of the season they manage to beat the top team but that's it. They presumably still end up near the bottom of their group or league, so we don't get the obligatory montage of wins when they turn their game around. What we do get is a sickly bit of crap when their coach goes into hospital of a suspected heart attack just in time for the final big game against the top team. We then get a vomit inducing scene where second in command Loggia tells the team to go and win it for the coach, possibly his last wish on Earth. Personally I thought this was all a set up to get the team to play well, or at least Loggia's character was exaggerating the illness and the coaches last words on purpose. Nope it was all for real, the illness isn't as bad as suspected, but the shitty cliched corny attempt at a rousing emotional scene was indeed for real.This really is a prime example of an early 90's straight to the videoshop piece of turd trying to leech off the success of another earlier franchise. There are literately no redeeming features anywhere I can think of, its not funny, its not cheeky or rude as suggested by the poster, you have no interest in any characters, even the game sequences aren't very good or exciting...its just poorly made trash that didn't need to be made.

Jason S (au) wrote: its a good 80's baseball movie

Corey B (de) wrote: Talk about a misleading film, coming into this I thought it would be the Yojimbo from the best samurai film of all time (Yojimbo) witht he John Wayne of Japan Mifune reprising his character. Instead he plays someone more or less different, using the Yojimbo name to lead people into thinking other wise. However it is not a bad samurai film but for the fact that it misleads you is what sucks the most.

Scott M (nl) wrote: Mod era movie with plot twists and generic characters whose slow movement & plot holes do not stand the test of time. Loren was quite a dish in her younger days though.

Bryan C (nl) wrote: It's a classic '80s action movie in every sense. Grade: A

Casey M (es) wrote: I thought it was a decent movie it was kind of cool how it was like the game. And the fact that they brought the G-Virus in the movie

Anthony C (de) wrote: The real wolf of wall st