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Chhalia torrent reviews

John R (br) wrote: 140514: Simple animation coupled with a thoroughly enjoyable story, even for a nine year old. Relatively short, fun and packed with action.

Kennialisse R (de) wrote: its okay movie. not the best probably.

Paul N (mx) wrote: Beautiful, often dreamlike look at boy's same-sexual awakening nails mania of first love, but final act conflict flails.

Loyal D (jp) wrote: This movie is very good. It is funny and exciting. It's very memorable. This is one of Kevin Smiths best movies in my opinion.

Joshua L (mx) wrote: I really liked the music and the movie itself is good enuff.

Carlos M (br) wrote: It feels like a bizarre mix of Blade Runner and Twin Peaks written by Bret Easton Ellis and adapted by Uwe Boll - ridiculous, pretentious, incomprehensible and full of tiring exposition from beginning to end about a universe that couldn't be more uninteresting.

Cathy F (au) wrote: Awesome and very scary

Jo Y (ag) wrote: This is good.they do meet Proghets by the roadside.

Nyk P (kr) wrote: This looks like one of the more fun movies that was on the DPPs banned list.

Niklas S (us) wrote: It might be possible that Hanzo knows everything that there is to know about women. He can just look at a dead woman and tell by the color of her nipples if she was a slut or not. I've watched two of the movies now and I have to admit that it's kinda weird seeing Zatoichi put women into nets and then spin them on his cock to make them talk. I guess you just have to go along with it. Still interesting movies.

Walter C (mx) wrote: A movie that plays like a documentary which follows a prostitue around for a day that also happens to be an essay. The first time I watched this, I hated it. Then I realized that the television I was watching it on was cutting off subtitles so I had watch it again. I will say that I liked how Godard moved characters within the frame of his camera however, the content of the movie, all the whispering from the narrator, felt like I was watching something that was uncertain as to what it wanted to do and was selling this uncertainty as genius.

Niels S (gb) wrote: Audrey Hepburn er jo altid fuldstndig vidunderlig, og filmen kan stadig ses, men virker altmodisch og overkonstrueret, og kemien mellem Hepburn og O'Toole er noget af et postulat.

Augustine H (it) wrote: Melodramatic but that's what wars are about.

Maineutral R (fr) wrote: While funny only 3 times, the whole movie is a waste of time, not even Ringo is enough to make it worth. Sadly.