Chhote Sarkar

Chhote Sarkar

Amar Saxena is a businessman, and the Managing Director of prestigious Khaitan Fans Ltd., India. One day while leaving from a board meeting, he meets a beggar named Jagmohan, who calls him ...

Amar Saxena is a businessman, and the Managing Director of prestigious Khaitan Fans Ltd., India. One day while leaving from a board meeting, he meets a beggar named Jagmohan, who calls him ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Holly S (nl) wrote: Interesting documentary, although not quite what I expected. Although the background on this unique Estonian revolution is certainly important, I felt it went a bit too heavy on the history and light on the music. I had expected more on the significance of singing in Estonian culture, the background on some of their folk songs, etc. Although it touched on personal stories, going into more depth would have increased my interest and connection with the film. I learned a lot and was moved by the resolve of the Estonian people, but one big pet peeve - (SPOILER ALERT) - THEY NEVER LET YOU HEAR THE FULL SONG while showing the poem it's based on. You keep getting teased by the idea that you'll actually hear the whole thing, then someone always ends up talking over it! That frustrated me. I think it would have been very powerful to hear the song in it's entirely with the translation at the end of the film. Trust me, intelligent audiences can handle it! Was fortunate to hear the film maker speak in the theatre afterwards though, and have a lot of respect for his (and his wife's) creation. Not a "must see" - but a worthwhile way to pass a few hours.

Javier F (it) wrote: La animacin es muy buena y la peli en s es entretenida, pero la historia es muy clich. Me esperaba mucho ms.

Troy K (br) wrote: 2.5/5 A mixed bag that I don't really recommend, but I liked it for something different.

Kevin K (ag) wrote: Terrible waste of time

Adrin F (fr) wrote: Rg lttam ilyen gyenge filmet.

Francine B (mx) wrote: one of the funniest movies I have ever seen...borrow it from the library

Doug C (es) wrote: A defeat the evil Nazis noir.

Kevin B (de) wrote: loved it from star to finish although It could of done without that jar jar binks..

Tony P (kr) wrote: What a strange early seventies British film. I must admit when I first saw the title I thought of Northern Ireland and then I saw it starred Glenda Jackson in one of the lead roles.The film focuses on the bizarre love triangle between two couples one Bob Elkin and divorcee Alex Greville (Jackson) and the other Bob Elkin and Dr. Daniel Hirsh. Yes your eyes don't deceive you. The character Bob Elkin has both a heterosexual and gay relationship at the same time and what's even more bizarre about the arrangement is that both Greville and Hirsh know about it.The film is pretty slow going nowadays but back in 1971 when it was made it was critically acclaimed and had Oscar nominations and BAFTA wins.We learn that Elkin is about to leave both relationships to pursue work in New York. What will each patner left in the UK do?Added to this is Dr. Hirsh's Jewish background and Greville's childhood memories and parents.Director John Shlesinger carves a love story between three people.It took me two viewings to make it through the 110 minutes.

DC F (ca) wrote: Good Irish mob movie with a suspenseful attitude and decent acting.

Thomas P (ca) wrote: Dizzyingly surreal and gritty, balancing both worlds like a disjointed dream that initially makes complete sense - until you wake up and think again. When these worlds do collide, it all shatters, and eventually makes some kind of horrific sense. Same here.Usually the drama starts AFTER you wake up, but this drama holds you in its mystical dream state amazingly well.I discovery the soundtrack before seeing the movie, and was haunted for weeks by Townes Van Zandt's If I Needed You.It plays perfectly to set the tone of the movie, even Van Zandt's tragic life story draws parallel to the movie.The rest of the Grammy winning soundtrack is stunning, don't overlook it.Bridges is a marvel, and disappears in this role of desperation and heartbreak.Gyllenhaal matches him note for note, and seamlessly plays off him despite the age difference.This movie stayed w me long after, and haunted me.The nuances and perspective are hard fought and rather knowing, and deserve props of their own.Language, knockdown-dragout fighting, and sexual stuff make it adult only material, beware.4 out of 5 lonely guitars