• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:119 minutes
  • Release:1967
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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Chhuti torrent reviews

Mike F (ca) wrote: Great Doc, it gets a 5 only because I love Miyazaki. Otherwise its a 4.5.

Amanda E (us) wrote: I liked it. it's your typical chick flick, it was a cute movie

Jack R (es) wrote: [b]A real find. Banshee pulled me in and kept me glued. Dialogue was smart, sutble and had good detail. Characters were quirky and well drawn. Filled with little surprises, camera work here has good perspective. Running at a fast pace with lots of color, Banshee has many clever moments that spin the plot to keep it frantic. With a tight script that was well cast and well acted, Banshee even has a female lead that takes care of her own cute ass .. Direction here is creative not static. Even the sound and music are very well mixed. With its clever editing, framed with a catchy song, Banshee is colorful rush, a fast ride and a bit of a scare. [/b]

Skyler B (it) wrote: Hopkins made this movie what it is: Watchable.

Jay B (jp) wrote: The most moronic of the bunch, but also the most hilarious because of it.

Sren T (jp) wrote: Great, gritty period film with wonderful performances, though somewhat undermined by Mark Knopfler's quite poor film score.

Ted W (gb) wrote: Great action sci-fi movie starring Kurt coban. This movie is just flat out awesome, I love all the characters , it's a good pop corn flick. I live in san Francisco and it rarely rains here but in the movie it rains a lot. I wish it rains this much in actual san Francisco because of the drought, maybe when this movie was made there was no drought. Kurt cobans character is just cool, he would be an awesome best friend to have. I heard that there is going to be a reboot starring the Rock but I bet that it wouldn't be as good as Kurt coban because kurts character has charisma and the rock doesn't have charisma. Even though the special effects suck in this movie the plot backs it up and the characters.

Mike S (fr) wrote: "What's a matter Streaky?"

Scott R (gb) wrote: Melancholy look at samurai traditions. Fantastic epic ending with the storm and swaying bamboo framing duels to the death.

Phil A (fr) wrote: decent film, totally ruined

Ricky P (jp) wrote: Death race is just another dumb action movie, with a dumb plot yet it has strong acting and intense action sequences. So for that death race delivers

John R (br) wrote: 151008: My boy keeps coming back to this film. I questioned him; until it was over. Smart boy.