Chhutir Phande

Chhutir Phande


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1975
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
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Vanessa C (fr) wrote: Plot was ok enough, but Loki was too nice and the animation was very distracting. It was like bad anime. everyone was too young looking and skinny and feet were HUGE.

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Marcus W (us) wrote: Granted, it's not the worst film I've ever seen, but it's down there, wallowing at the bottom

Dave O (ru) wrote: Another 80's horror diamond that will awake nostalgia. Many cool easter eggs for maniacs. Also many callback's to classics from horror-comedy genre.

Sharon J (kr) wrote: Hume Cronyn, was old even back then, DANG!

Tony P (de) wrote: Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn! Well of course I give a damn or I wouldn't have watched the three and a half hour epic.Romantic epic from 1939 shot in technicolor.The film is set in Georgia, US in the 1860's during the outbreak of the American Civil War and primarily focuses on the O'Hara family, an Irish-American family who grow cotton for a living.One daughter, Scarlett (Vivien Leigh) seems to have a succession of sham relationships and marriages and constantly whines throughout the film about her undying love for various characters (some married).The film seems to be focused more on the Civil War element in the first half and more character driven in the second act, and some would argue more boring.A character called Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) makes fleeting appearances in the first half before having a more central role in the second. He reminded me of a suave 1970s era James Bond played by Roger Moore.His up and down relationship with Scarlett eventually leads to marriage and a daughter. Her death and near divorce.The film has been gloriously restored over the years as befits the most successful film in cinematic history in terms of box office when adjusted for inflation. It is presented in its original 'Academy ratio' that is more square than widescreen and leaves black bars on the left and right of the TV screen rather than top and bottom.The film has caused a racial storm somewhat over the years amongst some reviewers with its depiction of black Americans in roles as slaves to the white central characters.The O'Hara household 'slave' Mammy (Hattie McDaniel) actually won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Perhaps the release of the 2013 film, 12 Years A Slave has been a better representation of slavery in the period.As of other 'epics' the long running time requires more than one toilet break. Perhaps editing of the second half of the film could have shortened the run time somewhat.The film holds its own as one of the greatest films ever released.

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Ryan S (de) wrote: Though I laughed a few times, this is a mediocre movie.

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Richard S (jp) wrote: The setup: In another apparent biochemical spill, a weaponized virus has been released by the military from an offshore oil rig near Texas. The contagion eventually reaches the coast, where it is carried to, and wreaks havoc on, a community college. Helicopter spinoff camera shots give you an idea of how quickly this virus is spreading across the state, and is used most effectively.Don't let the title mislead you. It's a sendup of an old video game which is played out in real life on this film by a group of college buddies. Sorta like a live version of Dungeons And Dragons. You can surmise that this flick doesn't take itself too seriously, and actually has some great one-liners delivered by a decent supporting cast. The two standouts are Frank (actor Fred Doss), a college security guard turned Marine commando wannabe, and Brad (actor Chip Joslin), who portrays a stoner college student and is the spitting image of Jack Black. He proves to be hilarious.It's also a heartwarming story, with not one but two pairs of star-crossed college-age lovers. This adds some much-needed empathy to the group of six or more who actually make it out of the school's quad.The opening credits are slick and build up a good bit of suspense early on. After that, it's pretty much a popcorn and soda/beer joy ride.If you decide to watch this movie, don't stop when the ending credits roll: You'll get to see some extra "found footage" that reveals the outcome for the group's survivors.

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Jason N (us) wrote: For this genre and time period in cinema. Predator is a perfect movie. Near perfect if you don't believe in perfection outside of test scores. The pacing, the one liners and the late 80's Arnold charm. A must watch for any film fan and should be regarding highly in the history of modern movies.

Jon D (ag) wrote: I didn't really start listening to Rich Mullins until The World as Best as I Remember It. Then suddenly I discovered I had a strange addiction to replaying these two albums (Vol. 1 and Vol. 2). I found myself lost in both his musical nuances as well as his lyrical poetry. And of particular note his delight in God's glory showing itself in Earth's simple yet beautiful nature rang both simplistic and delightful. As Rich released more albums I took note that he was really quite distracted by the blessedness of being broken man before a loving Abba father. The whole "ragamuffin" theme that showed up multiple albums strong with him and his "ragamuffin band" had me scratching my head, but eventually I studied the CD inserts and the lyrics and made some limited sense of it. This movie apparently aims to clarify. Rich was apparently a profoundly broken individual. And it's in that brokenness that God's love is found to be so profound.What did I think of the movie? For the most part, it was what I expected it to be, based on the trailers and the other comments. I say "for the most part" because there were some surprises, most of which were a little disappointing. First of all I felt that the story was just painfully depressing. It was as if Rich had no sense of Spirit-given joy in his life whatsoever. But I know that's not true. I think this movie represented only one side of Rich that honestly paints an incomplete picture of how a real "hero"--a broken Christian--comes to fully discover and know and richly understand the wonder of God's love. For being about 30 minutes too long I felt, it seemed disappointing that Rich's problems and emotional pain took 90% of the movie.I also had some frustrations with some of the technical issues. Being an amateur/hobbyist video editor, I noticed some bizarre warp stabilizer warping going on as soon as the movie began. There were also some darkly lit scenes that frankly should have been fully lit and made darker in post, or else use some other cameras. As characters moved around the screen in these dark scenes they'd leave a ghost trail almost like 80s VHS and CRT. This had me really surprised when I saw the "making of" video show them using Red cameras.The acting was good, though. Not amazing. This is not a Hollylwood blockbuster movie with Hollywood greats on the set. But for a budget film, the acting was solid.And for the most part, the story was solid, too. It made its point(s) well enough. There were a couple deleted scenes I'm not sure should have been deleted, but if you do buy this DVD you should watch the deleted scenes, that's all I can say. Overall, this is a very good story with a very good message that imperfect, broken people can relate to. And for once, this movie shows hope for the brokenness. Death in the end comes across like triumph. But then again, that's only because I know the backstory, and listened to the whole "When I go I want to go out like Elijah" song. Those who don't know, might miss it, and grieve in the end instead of celebrate.

Bruno V (fr) wrote: Wel deserved Oscar-nominatin for Miss Moore . Interesting aspecialy !

Greg T (au) wrote: This adaptation of Roald Dahl's Esio Trot is charming, clever, funny, very sweet and has great chemistry between Dustin Hoffman and Judi Dench.